8431d_Getting_There_Back_Cover.inddHealth Reins: Assisting you with REINING IN YOUR HEALTH

Health Reins Energy Therapy specializes in chronic issues. Following are the tools in my toolbox to help you resolve your physical, emotional, or spiritual issues to help you achieve optimal health. I may use any or all of them in a session:

  • Acupressure (Five Element, Meridian, Yin/Yang)
  • Massage (Sweedish, Deep, Clinical)
  • Emotional Balancing (EFT, Coaching, EIT, Spiritual Coaching)
  • Energy Therapy (Reiki Usui, Reiki Tummo, Intuition)
  • Digestion Treatments (Acupoints, Enzymes)
  • Essential Oils (Raindrop and Neuroaricular Techniques)
  • Education (Classes, Talks, and Work Shops)
  • NEW! Books (Getting There – Navigating Holistic Care)

Health REIGNS!  Lets face it, our health RULES our lives.  If it is lacking, life is more difficult.  If it is radiant, life is easier.  But, most of us pay little attention to our health until it is lacking.  Health Reins is all about helping you find the REINS to your health, so you may GUIDE it towards radiance and improve your life.

It is the stresses of life that cause illness and pain, both physical and emotional.   All stresses fall into one or more of four categories: Mechanical, Energetic, Emotional, or Nutritional.

“Jean is the only practitioner in the Rochester area that addresses all four.”
“An amazing treatment, Jean!   Your combination of methods produced astounding results.” B.B.

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