Veterans Day Special

Attention Veterans!

 These specials are a thank you for your service.

Kim and Jean at Physical Edge are offering 20% off! during Veterans week (now through Friday, Nov 15th, 2013)

Massage helps your body deal with stress and promotes the feelings of balance and well-being, so if you’ve never tried it, now is your chance.

Schedule your appointment now by calling us or sign up on-line at  and leave the code Vet2013 in the notes space.

   Anti-Stress,  Deep Tissue  or Orthopedic Massage  by Kim Berson,  LMT  (call 585-872-7979):

Acupressure Massage  by Jean Bennett,  Energy Therapist, LMT  (call 585-230-6600)

For more information about what Jean’s session can do for you, check:

“What Every Veteran Should Know”  by clicking Here (Articles by Jean)

 For more information about Jean and Kim, check:    then click About Us

 Gift Certificates for your favorite veteran are available!

 Note:  The appointment can be made for any time between now and year end, but it must be booked by Nov.15th..  If you cannot determine a date by Nov. 15th, you may purchase a gift certificate at the discounted rate usable for any date in the future.

 Health Reins Energy Therapy, 71 North Ave, Webster, NY

Physical Edge Orthopedic Massage, 71 North Ave, Webster, NY

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