Twisted Beliefs

This is an example of how a subconscious belief can get twisted and cause ill-health:

Subconscious: “Suffering is a choice,” they say.
Conscious:  “Really? Who would choose pain?”
Subconscious:  “One whose subconscious mind is trained to think it is a small price to pay for something better.”
Conscious:  “So I am “gaining” something with this constant tension in my chest?”
Subconscious:  “Yes.”
Conscious:  ”I’ve been working on this for years and still don’t have a clue what that would be.”
Subconscious:  “That’s because you think what it is protecting you from must be bad, so you keep missing the boat.”
Conscious:  “Well, if it isn’t bad, I wouldn’t need protecting, yes?.”
Subconscious:  “That depends on your fears.”
Conscious:  “Say what?”
Subconscious:  “If it’s not bad, then it’s something good you fear.”
Conscious:  “Can you just tell me already!”
Subconscious:  “You fear you will be great.”

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