The Biggest Belief Affecting Us All

Words. What’s in the words we speak?

Each word has a frequency combination just like each thought has it’s own frequency symphony that defines it. Today’s topic is about two opposite-meaning words—BETTER and LESS—believing that some people are better than others, or some are less than others. We have come to believe this as acceptable behavior. However, in the energy world that governs our reality it is NOT acceptable unless you want a low frequency world full of division, hate, accusations, intolerance, war, fear…and the list goes on. Sound like the mess we’ve created here on Earth?

These two little words, better and less, reach into all aspects of our world and if we’re going to get out of this mess we need ALL of us to do our part. It’s not that hard. If each one of us chooses (just once a month) to change one thought pattern of “better than, less than” we can change the world. I’m serious!! We can! For each one of us that changes this belief, even in a small way, it weakens the strength of the belief in the mass consciousness. And, it strengthens the mass consciousness of equality. And, it makes the path easier for others. Soon, light bulbs of awakening will be happening all over the planet as the belief of equality becomes stronger.

Do I have your attention? You ready to do your part?

We live in a world of duality where we can experience cause and effects through creating something and experiencing what happens. (More about the universal balance concept in “Getting There”, Chapter 9.) In our society this means for every leader there has to be a follower; for every accomplishment there has to be a failure; for every gain there has to be a loss, etc., etc.. This has created a background belief system that some (things or people) are “better” and some are “less”. Some examples are:

 Leader / Follower,   Employer / Employee,   Rich / Poor,   Men / Women,   Royalty / Commoners

 Judge / Plaintiff,   White / Black,   Big / Little,   Type A / Couch Potato,   Dog / Cat

Look at each set of words. Can you feel yourself judging that the word on one side as somehow “better” or “more powerful” or “more important” than the other word? Our very language has developed to perpetuate the whole idea of “better than, less than”. We are ALL wrapped up in this misconception of the way things have to be. This is what has to end in order for us humans to evolve. We are all equal and the new paradigm is shifting to that as the core belief. This shift is the chaos that we are all feeling as the world we know is being torn down to build a better one.

Let’s take “Leader/Follower” for an example. I ran across a glaring example of the old belief paradigm on a TV cooking show the other day. Each member of a team gets a turn to be “head chef” to show their leadership skills and it was “GuyX’s” turn. He was fully in the old belief of “I have to take full control and everyone else has to do as I say so I can prove I’m a better head-chef than they are”. Can you feel the strong “better than, less than” in that? So, GuyX picked menu options that he knew he could control, and low-and-behold, his “followers” disagreed with him thinking they were not appropriate for the customers (a wedding reception). Soon the head-of-the-show master chef saw what was happening, scolded the heck out of GuyX and promptly changed the menu. So, this tested leader did not test well. He started out thinking he was more important-than (i.e. better than) and ended feeling like a failure (i.e. less than).

Now take this same scenario and use the new paradigm belief that we are all equal, that we all have something to contribute, and if we all contribute our skills, we work together and the result becomes far greater than the sum of the whole. GuyX would recognize that there was someone else in the group that has skill in menu options and listen to their input. Someone is skilled at timing. Another in plating. One is a master at creating desserts and another for the entree. GuyX as the leader would respect each person for what they are good at, listen and coordinate for the good of the whole (the outcome of a perfect wedding reception dinner). This is the opposite of what he did by being a dictator with his own agenda of winning the admiration of the master chef so he could be “better than”. He completely neglected the “whole” and put himself separate from the others.

The individuals, companies and governments that have the old paradigm of feeling separate are either changing or dying because it is not sustainable. The “I must look out for myself and the heck with everyone else” mentality eventually ends in self-destruction (and we are witnessing this destruction happening all over the world).

A simple metaphor is thinking of our society like a wheel. We are all part of it and when the nuts, bolts, spokes and rim all work together as one we have a functioning wheel. The bolt is not more important then the rim and vice-versa and each part by itself is useless.

Expand this concept to the complexity of our whole world (Earth, animals, humans, trees, etc.). All affect and influence each other. All are equally important. For this complexity, I like the metaphor of a tapestry where everything and everyone is a thread. Can you now see how we are all intricately intertwined in a matrix that is far more complex than our minds can hold? What truly believing in equality can gain is creating our reality tapestry to magnificence beyond our wildest imaginations.

Fortunately, there are many individuals, companies, and governments that are recognizing this and evolving to this new paradigm. This is a huge task, because the “better than, less than” belief is so ingrained through all aspects of our society.

My challenge to you this summer is to start recognizing where YOU do not yet believe we are all equal. What small place in your belief system can you change to help the world shift to a higher frequency?

I’ll give you examples to get you started:

1 – If you’re old enough you probably remember when New York City was brought to its knees because the trash collectors went on strike. This proved to all of us that the trash collectors were just as important for the whole as the CEO’s because the CEO’s could not get to work without them. Is the CEO more important than the trash collector? No. We each contribute to the collective whole…each part is needed.

2 – You’re walking down the street and run across two people, one wearing an expensive suit, and one in dropped-waist jeans with the tops of his underwear hanging out. Do you judge the suit-person better than the jeans-person? You don’t know the purpose of either of the lives, so judging them is only a reflection of you.

3 – As I was writing this I noticed my belief that if something is listed first, as in, on the top of a list or on the left of a list, it must be more important. This is an example of how subtle the “less than, better than” belief can be and how much it has infiltrated our entire social structure.

4 – Do not confuse “judgment” with “choices” for what you want. For example, there may be a mean co-worker that you don’t want to be around. You can choose that it is “better” for you to avoid them without judging them as “less than” you. It’s simply not the energy you want to be in—a choice is required, but judgment is not. I think of this as making a choice while holding respect for all. (This is the language problem I mentioned earlier—we don’t have different words for “better” as a choice and “better” as a judgment.)

This is not a hard challenge. All you have to do is start noticing when you judge “less” or “better” (especially when it comes to yourself!) and choose to stop doing it. You don’t even have to be concerned if you accomplish the “knowing” we are all equal. For now just be aware, and it will open the pathways for gradual change. Eventually you will notice you are not judging some things as much, and others not at all. Voila! You just changed what you attract in your life, which changes your reality, which assists others in changing theirs by weakening the “not-equal” and strengthening the “equal” belief…one thread at a time. This is how the world changes – all coming together and doing our part. Whether we know it or not, we’re all in this together.

Okay…that’s the lofty part of the story, so let’s now get down to what you, yourself, will gain from finding your “less than, better than” judgments. I had a client who did not like her father-in-law and was dreading the family gathering next month. She investigated where she may be judging “better than, less than” and discovered her dislike of the man came from, “He did not meet my expectations of how a father should treat his son.” He was “less than” she expected him to be. Since this was not bothering her husband, she knew this was entirely her issue. At the time she simply took note of it, but a week later a friend asked if she was okay with going to the family gathering, and she was surprised at her own response of, “Yes! In fact I’m looking forward to it.” She then realized she had been feeling much lighter, like a burden had been lifted, and when she thought of her father-in-law, she could see that he really was a decent, kind man, for which her judgments had no basis.

This simple process of investigating and recognizing a feeling did many things:

— reduced her stress level,

– removed the dread,

– lifted her spirits,

– greatly increased the probability of a very joyful family gathering,

– most likely gave her body a healthy boost

– and to top it off her chiropractor noticed her thoracic spine had improved.

What a wonderful and impactful outcome for simply recognizing a judgment! No work required! Like I said, this is not a hard challenge.

Moving a belief that is part of the mass consciousness to another belief creates a path through the energetic maze of our tapestry for the next person to follow. It is like this: the second person doing the same thing makes the path wider and brighter. The 100th person starts to weaken the old belief. By the time the millionth person takes the path the old belief no longer exists in the mass consciousness and everyone now has the new belief as if it has always been.

Can you imagine what could change if each of us did a simple change like this one, every month? My heart soars just thinking about it!

Jean Bennett, Energy Therapist, LMT

Health Reins Energy Therapy

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