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Jean, I love you!  My issues are resolved.  You’ve given me my life back.  H.R. Fl


An amazing treatment, Jean!  Your touch on the acupressure points are more powerful and effective than needles.  I could feel the energy balancing as you worked with astounding results.   B.B., NY


I got this lovely letter from a client who came to me with long occurring and debilitating back and knee pain.  I would love to take full credit for her remarkable and swift mending, but the reality is, she had already done her “homework”, so by the time I met with her she was ready for the final “unblocking”, and that… …. is when miracles happen….and why I love my job.   Love, Light and Laughter / jean

Dear Jean.  I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session.  Everything was perfect –actually more than perfect.  The work I watched you do was amazing –removing blocks from the body returning me to a state free from pain and weakness as well as improved energy.  Yikes…and right before my eyes in one session!

As for my emotions, let me tell you, for years and years I held gut wrenching pain and sadness.  I’ve worked on this for many years also, but it still lingered.  Whatever you did, all of a sudden, two days later, I completely understood.  I was able to look at it and feel, for the first time, complete resolution.  The pain in my heart is gone.  This gift is priceless.  I tried over and over with many techniques and practitioners only to carry the same deep sadness.  Now it’s gone, and in its place, peace.

With utmost gratitude, JR, Buffalo.


This client had a terrible time with her monthly cycle, so I suggested using “Dragon Time” essential oil.  This is the response to my question, “Have you tried it?”  /jean

 “Actually I have been using it every month this year, and my cramps have been mild and tolerable.  The only time I didn’t use it was in Italy and that was a rough one.  You can’t beat the memory of throwing up in front of your hotel in front of everyone… You’ve sold me on it,  I’m a fan.”  

      T. California


After having some severe health issues years ago, I became knowledgeable in both emotional and physical body cleansing.  I believe in the importance of periodic internal cleansing and I do cleanse a few times a year.  However, when Jean told me that many toxins can hold in your spine, and that the technique she offers provides release from your spine, I was intrigued.  It is a specific essential oil combination called Neuro Auricular Technique (NAT) that can help release toxins.  Because I have had past radiation and chemotherapy exposure, and the cleanse that I use is focused on organ cleansing, I was interested in trying this technique.  I didn’t know what to expect but the release I experienced was shocking.  It started with red blotches that Jean noticed on my back during the session.  That evening and into the next day, I had a severe backache that honestly made me question the technique.  As the evening wore on, my backache left completely.  However, the second day after the cleanse, I now had very achy lymph nodes in my neck so I knew toxins were moving out.  Something was obviously releasing in a big way…and I have been cleansing since 2003!  Jean’s technique gave my body an extra cleansing boost despite all the previous cleansing I had done on my own!

          ~ J.J. Rochester


There I was, 21 years old, working towards my BS in Engineering, with job responsibilities, horseback riding obligations, a husband, etc, etc, and I could hardly walk.  Sitting was the most painful thing of all and I was on HEAVY drugs for pain and inflammation.

I have an excellent chiropractor and she had told me one of my vertebrae had spun 90° and smooshed a disc. I was seeing her every other day and she would physically move it back into place.  However, our hopes of it staying in place were not forthcoming—I was scheduled to visit a neurosurgeon to discuss back surgery that Friday.

I made an appointment with Jean for Wednesday before the neurosurgeon visit.  I felt rippling through me, and strange sensations as if there truly was energy flowing through me.  I felt 300% better after seeing her!  The next day, Thursday, I had another appointment with my chiropractor.  The vertebrae was still in place!  Jean’s energy balancing technique worked!  I never had to see the neurosurgeon and I have had no relapse.

Here’s to your love, light, and laughter, Jean. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

          ~H.R., Rochester.


The first time I was introduced to Reiki I was very skeptical and was not interested in giving it a chance.  I was a person who carried a lot of stress, and because of it, I developed a serious medical problem that caused extreme fatigue.  Reading self-help books to reduce the stress level became a hobby and none of the information seemed to work for me.

I decided to give energy work a chance.  With Jean’s help I was able to understand my emotional issues, and after a few sessions I gained more energy, both physically and mentally.  Along with this came the ability to relax and I was able to reduce my stress level and physically feel better.

I feel that all the medicine in the world could not have done what energy work did.  I saw quick results in my mental and physical state, along with my spiritual state too.  I now understand that the whole body is one and every part is related to all the other parts.  Every physical symptom is connected to an emotion that has been harbored from our past, whether our own or handed down through generations.  I wish more people would give energy work a chance and realize that we have the power from within to help ourselves.

          ~B.B.  California


Love, Light, and Laughter to All   /Jean         


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