I was honored to be able to help this mare in delivering a foal that was too large for her. The colt is less than 8 hours old in this picture. The vet was checking in but did not need to assist until the mare had delivered and was too tired to expel the placenta, which they skillfully remedied.

A horse foundered and rotated 25 degrees due to a nail wound. The constitution of the horse, my energy work and the skillful trimming of the farrier reduced the pain and inflammation enough to allow it to heal. In 6-12 months time the coffin bone was back to its normal position and sound again.  The vets thought they x-rayed the wrong foot because they saw no evidence of any past trauma.

This horse was having trouble with chronic white line disease and abscesses in his left hind due to scar tissue from founder. The energy work and essential oils helped rebalance his energy so his hoof could heal.  He was ready to go barefoot…Yea!  But, surprise! The 3 hooves that did not receive oils broke up badly, while the hoof that was ministered to remained in great shape.

This little pony, Copper, (right) was a rescue case that needed help acclimating to living with horses, and becoming a contributing and happy member of the farm. It was a pleasure to work with him as he conquered his fears.

I have balanced horses with colic, several mild cases where it was not necessary to call the vet, because the horses resolved it on their own and two others that were severe, in which I rebalanced their energy that enabled them to relax, which in turn helped with pain, until the vet arrived.  For one case, by the time they arrived, the crisis was over, but for the other, the vets still needed to do “their thing”, before she recovered.

There have been many opportunities where I was privileged to be able to help the horses help themselves, such as:  a horse having trouble settling his nerves after a move; teaching an owner how to help her horse stay calm so he could adjust to confinement while his leg healed; skin rashes; rain rot; hypothyroid conditions; crossing over assistance; arthritis; and performance anxiety.  There was one well visit where I found the liver to be over-loaded, and the owner was able to find the toxin before it became a problem.

It is truly a privilege to work with the horses…they are such wonderful teachers.

It is understood that I (Jean) am not a veterinarian, that I do not treat, diagnose, or prescribe anything.  I only balance energy, which allows the body the best possible scenario to heal itself.  I strongly advise anyone pursuing energy work for their animal friends to also consult their veterinarian.


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