Dog and Cat


This precious pregnant soul (B.G.) wandered into my barn and decided to stay.  I took a note of concern when she made her preparations to give birth in our living room instead of off by herself like a normal stray cat.  Sure enough the first kitten was breech and giving mom a hard time.  She welcomed the energy work and a few minutes later Jupiter was born unscathed.  We were all glad we could cancel the vet call! 


 BG says, “Live fully and be surprised at nothing”.





“Jean helped me help my dog when he injured his shoulder and neck area.  I live in a different city so I asked her if she had any ideas of what I could do to relieve his pain and muscle spasms.  She walked me through the pressure techniques and I could see an immediate relaxation!  It was great, the next day he was walking close to normal.  So now I know!—Jean’s skills work no matter where you live!”.  B.B


This happy guy had hip surgery, but his recovery was taking a back slide, so I was called in to see if we could get him back on track.  “By the end of Jean’s first session, he showed remarkable improvement.  Now, with each visit, he’s getting stronger and more flexible.  The changes are incredible!”  K.A.L.



“When my 17 year old cat became ill with bowel issues, Jean was recommended.    Jean sensed that he did not want her to touch him, so she held her hands at a distance.  Slowly, everything moved down through his system.  Both the vet and I sat in amazement watching her at work.”   K.L.   


This independent and loving 13 yr old cat was living in a stress filled environment because he was fearful of the other animals.  He had a lump on his thyroid and a severe hyperthyroid condition with an off-the-chart reading.  The vets said he needed medication or he would not survive for long.   He was so opposed to getting the meds his owners decided, “Better a short life than one filled with fear”.  I helped him with energy work and magnesium supplements, and he found himself a new home where he is very happy.


The lump was gone and he lived to be 17 years old before he peacefully graduated to his next adventure.




They come in and out of our lives, leaving footprints in our hearts and lessons in our minds.

It is understood that I (Jean) am not a veterinarian, that I do not treat, diagnose, or prescibe anything.  I only balance energy, which allows the body the best possible scenario to heal itself .  I strongly advise anyone pursuing energy work for their animal freinds to also consult their veterinarian.

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