CLASS – “Antacid Anny”

CLASS !     “Antacid Anny”

Untethering Your Dependency on Antacids

A 2-hour webinar about:

How to get rid of your need for antacids and why you need to.

If you have heartburn, indigestion, GERD, or acid reflux, this class is a must.

A taste of what we’ll be covering is in December’s Newsletter here.

There will be time for questions!

When:  Wednesday, Jan 17th, 7-9pm.

Where:  Wherever you are!  I’ll be using, so you can reach the class from your computer, cell phone, or tablet (even a landline phone).

Cost:  $20 (must be received by Tues, Jan 16).  Mail check to Jean (Health Reins) along with registration information.

Registration:  Send your name, email address, phone number where I can reach you the day of class, and $20 payment  to:

Health Reins, 71 North Ave., Webster, NY 14580

Email me at   for questions.
Note:  I’ll be out of town Jan 12-15, so my response time will be very slow those dates.  If you wish to put the cost on a credit card, this must be done before Jan.11th by contacting me (not the preferred method due to my time constraints with traveling).

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