Free to my client base:

1)–Membership in the private facebook group (which may include colleagues I work with): “Getting There – Taking the Reins of Our Health”.
2)–Access to the searchable articles in my website:
3)–An information-packed Newsletter delivered via email (send me an email to sign up).
4)–For all clients I suggest getting my book that explains the journey of getting and staying well holistically, “Getting There – Navigating Holistic Care”.  Ask your library for it, or purchase it on-line at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Ibooks, Nook, etc.

A La Carte Pricing:

Who is this designed for?  1)  For those who already have a good handle on their health and a good relationship with their body and want to use holistic care for acute conditions.  2)  The “get to know each other” introduction to what I can offer you.  3)  Annual checkups to make sure you are staying on track.

  — Body Signs Assessment = $400
  — Session = $150
  — Remote Session = $150
  — Essential Oil Treatments = $120 (Raindrop or Neuro-auricular)

Unscheduled Consults (billed at time of event in 15 minute increments):
 — Via phone = $140 per hour
 — Via text = $100 per hour
 — Via email = $80 per hour

Custom Pricing:

Clients going through a tough chronic issue require more support and I want to give you as much as I can at a price you can afford.  So talk to me and we will come up with a plan that fits you.  Following are 2 examples to give you an idea of how this can be set up.

 Example 1–Monthly for $600/mo:

Who is this level designed for?   For those dealing with a chronic issue that is not threatening, but is starting to affect your life and you are willing to do the work to get back on track.  This ongoing support will help you get your health pointed in the right direction.

This includes 2 Sessions or Remote Sessions, 15% off Enzymes and Essential Oils, weekly phone check-ins, and access to me between appointments with Consults via email.  (An approximate savings of $200 from A La Carte pricing.)

Example 2—Maximum Support for $1300/mo

Who is this level designed for?   Those who are dealing with a serious chronic issue and need to turn their life around quickly–needing the full support of someone in their corner to help with the ups and downs of a stressful journey.  Or, it can be a one month boost for getting on track — someone in your corner with personalized help.

This includes 3 Sessions or Remote Sessions, 20% off Enzymes and Essential Oils, weekly phone check-ins, and access to me via Consults by text, phone, or email.  (An approximate savings of $440 from A La Carte pricing.)

Please note!
1 – Custom pricing is renewed each month (so no commitment for number of months).
2 — For chronic issues, I strongly suggest you start with the full Body Signs Assessment.
3 – I will no longer be taking new massage clients.  However, existing massage clients (as of 2-1-18) may continue at the same rates established by Physical Edge for deep tissue, in 60, 75 or 90 minute appointments (if using the on-line scheduler, make the appointment for a “Holistic Session” with an added note of the time desired).


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