“This gift of yours, Jean, is priceless.  I tried over and over with many techniques and practitioners only to carry the same deep sadness.  Now it’s gone, and in its place, peace.”  JR

Services & Products

I have not structured these services around time and specific treatments like you’re used to.  If you sign up for a Holistic Session with me, you get access to all I have to offer–we’ll put it together to best serve your needs at that time.  It may be more about massage one time, energy balancing another, or emotional work another–I follow what you and your body need at the time.  These are the services that will get you to where you want to be (click them for more information):


Full Body Signs Assessment — This is where you start if you have a chronic issue, or for tracking your health over time for preventative maintenance. (Read more)
Holistic Session — Taking you to your next step on your journey to health, or use this for a quick check on how you’re doing with an acute and temporary problem. (Read more)
Remote Holistic Session  — Don’t live near Rochester?  Not a problem, much of what Jean does can be done via internet video conferencing.  (Read More)
Essential Oil Treatments (Raindrop / Neuro-Auricular) — Divine treatments using Essential Oils applied to the spine in certain sequences and massage techniques to help you release toxins and negative emotions. (Read More)

Other Services:

Consults via email, text, or phone — This is your access to Jean for questions that need answering as “quick as possible”.  (Read More)
Body Hints Summary — Get a summary of the hints your body is continuously babbling on about to you– these are the signs (over 300 hundred of them!) listed in the book “Getting There – Navigating Holistic Care”(Read More)
Education Classes — There are samples here of the types of classes Jean teaches.  Stay up to date on what’s coming up next, or call Jean and request what you are interested in.
Custom Pricing Plan:  Clients going through a tough chronic issue require more support and Jean wants to give you as much as she can at a price you can afford. (Read more in the “All Pricing” link)

Book:  “Getting There – Navigating Holistic Care”
Young Living’s Essential Oils and Products
CBD Oil and Creams

Free Services:
Half hour initial phone consult for new clients
Access to private facebook discussion group

Searchable Educational Articles on this website
Guest speaker for your book discussion group

My “Tools” & Their Benefits

Following is information about each of the tools in my toolbox and how they can benefit you.  Like a carpenter, I will use what’s needed so any of them may be used in your Session with me to help you get to your radiant self:

Acupressure (Tui Na)
Digestion Body Signs Check and Enzymes
Reiki and Energy Therapy

Essential Oils
Low Frequency Energy Clearing
Energy and Spiritual Mentoring


All Pricing is structured to get you what you need, when you need it.

If you resonate with this new paradigm of health care, consider letting me be your mentor to your next level of feeling physically and mentally fantastic!  Make an appointment by phone (call/text Jean at 585-230-6600) or schedule on-line (coming soon)

Let me help you take the reins of your relationship with your health
from this:

to this:

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