Reiki and Energy Therapy


What is Reiki?  The word Reiki is literally translated as ‘universal life force energy’.  It refers to an ancient hands on healing technique.  I’ve been trained in two types:  Reiki Usui that was revived by Dr. Usui in Japan in the mid-1800’s, and Reiki Tummo, a heart-based method of connecting to the universal life force.  Every living thing has universal life force energy.  It’s what defines us as alive verses dead.  Reiki practitioners use the body’s chakra system to work with the energy (chakras are vortexes of energy that move energy in and out of the body, connecting us to the world).  Most people have heard of the third eye chakra located between the eyebrows.

Anyone can perform “healing” by touching someone, because that action alone is an interchange (channeling) of magnetic energy and promotes faster healing…Mommy’s kiss really does make it better.   What makes Reiki different is the practitioner has been attuned so their physical and energy bodies are vibrating at a higher frequency and their energy centers (chakras) are opened further so they can channel higher amounts of universal life force energy.  Reiki energy (which is an alpha energy wave) is not “given” by the practitioner, but drawn by the client.  Your body knows best where it should go, so we might start with a certain intent, only to find your body directed the energy elsewhere.

Sometimes improvement is noticed with one session, and sometimes it takes many…it all depends on how thick the sediment in the cells is.  Simply put, a Reiki session can add life force energy to your body, break up energy blocks, and release lower frequency energies that drag you down. Reiki is a powerful method to balance energy and I use it in the background of every session I do unless you instruct me otherwise.

Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy includes Reiki and Acupressure, but extends the energy work to other areas besides the chakras and meridians, both in, around, and attached to the body.  This requires extensive training in feeling and sensing energy that includes not only the different energies that we are made up of, but also other timelines and realities and dark energy.  I’ve had many years of this training and continue to do so extensively.

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