Nutrition – Where it’s at!

In today’s world, we tend to forget the importance of nutrition.  Why is that, anyway?  Without it we die — usually slowly over time with degenerative diseases.   That’s why I took the CNHP nutrition class  with Elaine Newkirk last weekend…to get the facts straight so I could better help my clients.   It was fabulous!  There is so much we can learn about what we need just by paying attention to the messages of the body.   Did you know that pain on the top of your shoulder or dyslexia may indicate a B12 vitamin deficiency?  Or roving pain may idicate a calcium defidiency?  Or that cold feet may mean you’re not absorbing protein?  I’ve developed a brand new chart that will help in determining which foods are best for you.  Check out Nutrition Basics, on the Education Blog.     Make nutrition and digestion a priority…give me a call for a nutrition assessment.

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