Benefits of Massage

“A fabulous healing massage—the best I have ever had, Jean.”  C.V.


            Improves circulation

            Decreases blood pressure

            Increases oxygen capacity

            Enriches blood


Connective Tissue:

            Decreases adhesions

            Reduces scar tissue

            Assists mineral retention in bone

            Promotes healing

            Reduces visual affects of cellulite

            Releases facial tissue restrictions


Digestive System:

            Relieves constipation

            Relieves colic and gas

            Stimulates digestion


Energetics, Emotions & Endocrine:

            Improves mood, decreases anger

            Improves sleep patterns

            Improves body image & self esteem  

            Reduces stress

            Promotes communication & expression

            Improves lifestyle habits

            Increases physical well-being

            Increases and unblocks flow of chi

            Reduces touch aversion & sensitivity

            Increase academic performance

            Increases mental alertness

            Stabilized emotional needs


Lymphatic and Immune Systems:

            Increases circulation

            Increases lymphatic count

            Reduces edema

            Increases natural killer cells



            Relieves tension, restrictions,

                        stiffness, and spasms

            Relaxes and tones

            Reduces soreness and fatigue

            Increases range of motion

            Improves performance (balance & posture)

            Increases flexibility


Nervous and Endocrine Systems

            Reduces effects of stress

            Reduces anxiety, depression, pain

            Promotes relaxation

            Reduces pain and use of pain medications

            Enhances memory


Respiratory System:

            Reduces respiration rate necessary

            Strengthens breathing muscles

            Decreases shortness of breath sensation

            Decreases asthma attacks

            Reduces laryngeal tension

            Helps lungs expel excess fluid/phlegm

            Improves pulmonary function



            Increases circulation & therefore nutrients

            Stimulated oils glands

            Improves thickening, hardening, itching

            Warms the skin


Urinary System:

            Increases detoxification

            Recovers lymphatic fluids for filtration

            Promotes homeostasis

            Assists in excretion of nitrogen, I/O    

                       phosphorus and sodium chloride

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