Low Frequency Energy Clearing

What is Energy Clearing? There are four concepts to understanding it.

  • In the energy world, likes attract likes.
  • There are what I call energy balls of varying frequencies that are always floating around (they have been actually photographed many times).
  • Our cells need to be at a higher frequency to be healthy.
  • “Bad” emotions, such as anger, hate, fear, trauma, or stress, are made up of low frequencies.

So what does all that mean? If you have been feeling “good” emotions, such as happiness, love, or contentment, you are likely to attract higher frequency energy balls around you…these are good to have.  If you have been feeling “bad” emotions lately, you are likely to attract the low frequency energy balls to you…these are unhealthy to have hanging around and will continue to lower your cells’ frequency the longer they stay, eventually causing ill health or sour moods.  Here’s another example for you. If you have a rip-roaring fight with someone and the anger is flying around from both parties, you are both then susceptible to attracting low frequency energy balls.  But there’s more!  The energy you created stays in the area after you leave, so that area is also susceptible to attract the low frequency energy balls!  Energy Clearing is just as it sounds…clearing those lower frequency energy balls from you and the area around you so they no longer affect the health of your cells or your mood.

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