I’m Writing a Book!

Yes!  It’s true.  I’m writing a book!

Many people find it difficult and confusing to go the route of holistic care.

A book is needed, but there isn’t one!

It’s what I do everyday, so why not me?

The idea was born and I was off and running–a book to help those in pain or illness to stay the course until they are better.   I am very grateful to Jesse for her permission to use her story of how she got rid of fibromyalgia pain.

My goal is to publish by the end of the year.  I don’t have the details of that worked out yet, but I’m almost half done with the initial writing.  There is a long way to go, but I’m very excited about it.  Stay tuned for more details about how it’s going…I’ll be letting you know.

Also, drop me an email if you are interested, because there will be a launch special if you are on the list.

Love, Light, and Laughter  / Jean

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