About Jean

Squire & Jean“Jean, I love you!  My issues are resolved.  You’ve given me my life back.”  H.R.

My History

I used to be a corporate type in the world of technology, and, like so many others in that space, it was taking a toll on my health. So I sold the business and was able to take a few years off in search of a healthier pastime.

Our standard medical system could not solve my resulting physical problems, such as frequent headaches, chest pain, chronic fatigue, circulation problems and intestinal problems. So I turned to what was then called “alternative” medicines.  Low and behold, I was able to get rid of all the problems.  YES!

But then I was thinking, “Wow!  How come this is not more widely used?” I was assuming at the time it was because it was not scientifically proven. So this led me to extensive research and… I found out it has been scientifically “proven” for quite some time now.   So, I asked, “Then why do so many people still reject it?”  This question led to even more extensive research into our social behavior, and the result is it all makes sense.

This new-to-me information was so exciting I continued my studies so I could help others like I had been helped.  Since childhood I had always wanted to work with animals, so that seemed like a good place to be. However, during my internships, I found I was working with just as many people as animals!  And I loved every minute of it.

Who Am I Now

I am your mentor for wellness–I assist people in getting and staying well, specializing in chronic issues.  I help people who have been everywhere and done everything to get rid of their pain, but have found no answers.  My unique set of skills gives me a visionary perspective and a tenacity to see through the many messages the body is continuously conveying to us, and translate them into a plan for wellness.  I have blended my life’s experience, formal training (acupressure, energy therapy, massage, and digestion) and my inborn skills (intuition, patience, logic, compassion, and persistence).  This has allowed me to become the expert in my field of healing the body through listening to it and providing what it needs.

My Education

Besides my education in technology, I am certified in:

  • Digestion and Enzymes – Loomis Institute, Madison Wisconson (Digestion Specialist)
  • Massage Therapy – from Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (LMT)
  • Acupressure – from Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, Colorado, and OSTM, Rochester
  • Reiki – from Reiki-Master-Teacher, Rev. Michele Angelli, New York (Reiki Master), and Reiki Tummo from Padmacahaya
  • Advanced Energy Techniques – from Possibilities Vocational School, Idaho
  • Theta Healing – (DNA-1 & DNA-2), by Vianna Stibal, Idaho (Instructor)
  • Spirituality – Sanctuary of the Beloved (Ordained Minister) with additional education from ministers around the country and the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation.

In addition, I’ve had extensive training in:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Interspecies communication
  • Nutrition
  • Acupressure – Tui Na techniques
  • Acupressure – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Reiki Tummo (Level III) and Open Heart
  • Intuitive Interpretation

My Philosophy

Our bodies are magnificent auto-repair machines that use the energy fields in their self-repair.  It is not the practitioner that does the healing…it is our own bodies and minds that are healing themselves.  What energy practitioners do is align the energy fields, and help you with your own thought processes to set up the best possible scenario for self-healing. It not only works, but it works very well!  Add massage therapy and digestion to this and voila!…magic can happen.

I believe energy and bodywork are for everyone, but not every practitioner is for everyone. You must find the practitioners and type of work you trust and can easily relate to.  We all have different personalities and sometimes it takes several tries to find the right match.  So, try it (if you don’t you might miss something!).

Energy and bodywork are compliments to our traditional medical care.  Only you can be in charge of your own health.  All decisions are yours and yours alone to make.  You need to use your doctors and practitioners for the information and skills they can provide, then decide for yourself.  I am not only willing to work with other practitioners of all types, but strongly encourage it.

We can heal ourselves if we know how and are willing to do the work.  I have taken on the mission of helping people understand how to listen to their bodies, translate the messages, and navigate holistic care, so they can accomplish the full splendor of their lives.



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