Full Body Assessment

 Full Body Signs Assessment

Performed in four parts, Jean assesses your body’s four main Stressors: Physical, Digestive, Energetic and Emotional.

Part 1:   You fill out 3 forms–Body Hints Summary, Signs and Symptoms, 5-Day Food Log.  (Total time about 1.5 hours)

Part 2:   This session where Jean tests your Acupressure points and Digestion areas for your body’s hints and additional information.  It is performed in our office–Jean goes over any extra information you had about the forms (bring them with you) and answers any questions you have about the process.  Note:  This session may be performed remotely if required via internet video conference. (Scheduled as a “Holistic Session”, average time = 1.5 hrs)

Part 3:  Once all the data, hints, symptoms and forms are in, it’s Jean’s turn to get to work putting the puzzle pieces together—formulating possible causes and suggestions for action to correct them.   (This takes hours of studying the data, research and report preparation that she can usually complete in about a week.)

Part 4:  Your final session is a phone consultation with Jean to review your Assessment Report.  You will  have as much time as needed to get your questions answered and understand the possible causes and suggested course of action.

Price:  $400 (Note: an extensive urine analysis may be required in some cases for an additional cost of $120).  

This is a sample report from a wellness check to give you a better idea of how extensive this evaluation is:   Written “Assessment Report” Example -PDF

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