Essential Oil Treatments

What are Essential Oils? I chose to work with essential oils because they work with and for us on many levels. First, we are built to eat plants and essential oils are the blood of the plant carrying all their nutrients for growth, rebuilding and defense. They contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, & oxygen, just like our blood, so our bodies recognize and utilize them easily. They have very complex compounds that are meant to work together, unlike pharmaceuticals that have separated the compounds. This allows essential oils to work on all of our levels.

  • Physically – they contain molecules that are small enough to readily be absorbed
  • Energetically – they have very high frequencies that affect our cells. And they are adaptations, which means they bring both “too much”, and “too little” into balance of “just right”.
  • Mentally – they generally raise health, and mental awareness.
  • Spiritually – many oils are known to affect our spiritual centers—this is referenced in the bible, along with what to take for certain ailments

Essential oils amplify other energy work because of these properties—this is why they blend so well with the other treatment therapies I use.  Adding the right oil to the right acupressure point can have a powerful effect.

Rain Drop Treatment

A Rain Drop Treatment is an essential oil treatment developed by Young Living of placing oils on the spine to help the body in it’s own defenses to remove physical and emotional toxins. This method is very useful for long term toxic buildup, and for viruses, bacteria, and fungi that just won’t go away.  What do the essentials oils do?  Help balance the body so it can use it’s own innate methods to get rid of harmful pathogens.    (Price = $120)

Neuro-Auricular Treatment

A Neuro-Auricular Treatment is a method developed by Young Living of placing the oils on the neck and spine to help release emotional baggage that may also be causing physical symptoms.  Remember, we store emotions in our cells and can even inherit them from our ancestors.  So, don’t let the wrong ones be hanging out in your cells…use the oils to boost your body to a higher frequency so it can oust the low frequency emotions.   (Price = $120)


I will consult with you about which oils would be best for a particular situation either in person or on the phone.  This is a free service if you are a distributor in my down-line or buy the oils from me–otherwise, it’s a Consulting fee)

Purchasing Oils

I am a Young Living Distributor, so you may purchase oils through me, or sign up to order them yourselves directly on line at  Young Living.   You will need my Distributor No. 928067.  I chose Young Living as my source for essential oils and I’ve been using them since 2003– they do not dilute them in any way, they are the most pure, and they have the highest quality control.  Their “Seed to Seal” information gives you more about their quality control.


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