Do You Know…. …..How to Start with Holistic Health Care?

Published:  Webster Herald, 4-22-15

Last week I wrote about why holistic health care was growing so rapidly.  It represents huge changes in how we approach our health and in turn, has caused some chaos and confusion that we all need to sort through in our quest for feeling great.  This week I promised you some pointers as to how to navigate the choppy waters of change, so I’ll get to it:

1 – Put your emphasis on prevention instead of fix what’s wrong.  The new-to-us methods of care are much more about prevention and giving your body what it needs to heal and stay healthy, while our old healthcare system is more about fixing what has already gone wrong.  Together they are great, separate each one is lacking the skill of the other.  The holistic change in approach includes both, and puts the emphasis on prevention.

2 – Remember you are in charge of your health, not the insurance companies, not the doctors, not your practitioners.  All of us have our specialties of our training and experiences.  It’s up to you to collect the information from us and do what you think is best from a place of being well informed.  The insurance companies, governments, FDA, USDA, etc. are all playing catch up.  They are big and can’t turn around as fast as this change is happening, so it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you.

3 – Get educated and find the practitioners/doctors you are comfortable with BEFORE you are in dire need of them.  If you are already feeling depleted, you will not have the wherewithal to do the research and try out new methods to see what works for you.  There is a whole new world of health care options out there to explore!  Again, think prevention!

4 – Make sure you are addressing all the aspects of being a living, breathing human.  Any (or actually every) pain, illness, discomfort, or disease has its origins in one or more stressors when the body is not able to handle them.  All stressors fit into one of three categories:  mechanical, energetic, or nutritional.  Thus, your health care regiment should contain all three of these categories.

5 – Find your balance.  Life is all about the stressors that play upon our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.  Stress either causes them to be stronger, or is too much and causes them to break down.  No stress causes stagnation.  Only you can find the right balance of stressors that fit you, your life style, your desires, your body’s capabilities, and your ability to adapt.

6 – Measure results with the same yard stick by being reasonable and open.  It is our natural tendency to give more leeway to what we already know and judge more harshly what is new.  Make sure you are measuring the benefits in the same way.

7 – Ask the question, “Do I feel strongly enough about getting better that I am willing to do the work?”  If the answer is, “yes”, you are ready to explore all aspects of yourself in a new way.

Stay healthy and enjoy this wonderful ride we call life.  And, stayed tuned!  Over the next three weeks I’ll be writing about the healthcare options that help with each of the three stress categories.  Next week:  “Holistic help for physical stress”.

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