Do You Know…. …..Holistic Health for Energetic Stress

Published:  Webster Herald, 5-6-15

This is article four in a five part series to explore holistic health care.  This week it is all about help with energetic stressors.

First let me explain a bit about energy.  Our bodies need it, just like they need blood to stay alive–energy is what makes the difference between being alive and being dead.  We have two basic systems to carry the energy:  the meridians, which carry it within us like arteries carry blood;  and the chakras, which allow energy to flow from outside of us to inside and vise versa, like our lungs allow air to move in and out.

The energy in and around our bodies determines how the DNA structures the next generation of cells.  So, change the energy and change our physical bodies.  Add to this, the fact that our emotions are strong energy forces that are stored in DNA, and you can then see why emotions have a lot to say about our body’s development.   (You may read more about these subjects in Dr. Pert’s book, Molecules of Emotion and Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief).

Unconditional love is the highest frequency emotion, while fear is the lowest.  Our cells need to be vibrating at a higher frequency to be healthy, so dump the fear and bring on the love!

Following are some holistic health care practices that use this information to help guide us towards better health:

Acupressure and Acupuncture are proven and ancient techniques that, up until recently, were primarily used in eastern cultures to affect the meridian systems.  Acupressure uses pressure and acupuncture uses needles to help move energy, which can unblock or redirect energy flow, release stagnation, or balance the energy magnitude between the meridians.  Stuck energy causes pain.  Get it unstuck and the pain goes away.

Reiki is an example of working with the chakra systems.  It is usually through touch because we all emit energy and it is quite strong in the hands (a mother’s touch really does make it feel better).  This electromagnetic energy is strong enough that physical touch is not necessary…just being close works.  Intent and visualization are also used in this type of energy work and can be developed to be strong enough to work across any distance.  When working remotely like this you can think of it as an intensified prayer, which also has many studies that prove it works.  The reiki practitioner can unblock or redirect energy flow, release stagnation, and re-distribute the energy through the chakra system, improving emotional states and physiological parameters.

Have you wondered why life coaching, wellness coaching and the like are booming these days?  It is because these practitioners help guide us to a way of thinking that gets all that brain power working for us instead of against us.  Positive thinking helps our physical bodies stay healthy.  We all need help occasionally in discovering which of our thought patterns and beliefs block our well being.

EFT or Meridian Tapping is a method that activates the meridian system while you are talking about (and sometimes feeling) an emotional issue.  This helps the issue release from the physical cells so the body no longer reacts to that issue.  This can help immensely with problems ranging from physical pain, to PTSD, to manifesting a career.

There are many modalities that work with energy to help heal.  Knowing that energy affects the physical, if your practitioner works with meridians or chakras, or works with energy flow or emotions, will help you sort out how it can help.

Thanks for tuning in.  Next I’ll be writing about the last segment of stressors—nutrition.

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