Do You Know…. …..About Holistic Health Care?

Published:  Webster Herald, 4-15-15

Holistic modalities of health care are growing by leaps and bounds.  Why is this?  The answer is complex and far-reaching and would take a book to explain it all.    However, it is affecting all of us, so a basic understanding of what is happening is necessary for us to ride these leaps and bounds of change with ease.  I’m offering you the basics in this series of five articles.  So, for those interested, lets get started.

Our medical system developed over time based in Newtonian theory, which is everything is physical and can be understood by breaking it down to its smallest parts, and everything else manifests from the physical.  In other words, physical form is the bases for everything that exits.  With this as the foundation of our thinking, our health care developed as a system of surgery and medicines for our physical parts.

About a hundred years ago, Einstein reversed the Newtonian basis of thinking with the theory of relativity, which established that everything is energy and anything physical is manifested from that.   What we are witnessing is the transition from a “Newton” based health care system to an “Einstein” based heath care system, and that is what the rise in holistic practices is all about.  It takes all parts of us into consideration:  the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, and the energetic, while our old system took into consideration only the physical, and more recently, the mental.

Many of the holistic approaches are not new, but new to those of us living in this timeframe and country.  As they transition into our current health system, we will see many changes as is demonstrated by the different names it has taken in the last few years:  alternative, integrative, complimentary, new age, and holistic.  However you look at it, the new methods are NOT separate from what we already have, but added to it and integrated into it.

Some areas of healthcare are moving along very quickly with this transition and others are not moving at all.   This, as with any transition, makes it a bit chaotic and confusing to the consumer.  Eventually, the name “holistic”, “alternative”, etc., will not be necessary, because the old ways and the new ways will simply be working together.  It all makes living in this day and age very exciting, indeed!  New things are being introduced, old ways are being questioned and revamped, traditions of other cultures are being adopted, and the result will be a fabulous, beyond belief, health care system for our future generations.  We would all like it to be established by tomorrow, but such a huge change in function and core belief systems takes time.  After all, it’s already been 100 years since the idea was first introduced!  We are well into this transition, so be patient—in the perspective of history it is happening at record speed.

In the mean time, however, we could all use some help navigating through the choppy waters of change, so stay tuned!  Next week I’ll write about some helpful pointers to keep in mind to ease the ride.


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