Digestion Specialist Certification

It’s official!  I’m a Certified Digestive Enzyme Specialist!  What does this mean for you?  Pain or illness is always from some stress on the body that fits into one of three categories:  mechanical, energetic, or nutritional.  All three can now be addressed at Health Reins Energy Therapy and the team at Physical Edge.  “Like” my facebook page for ongoing digestion information–Tidbits to Use About the Tidbits You Eat.  Finally, a way to get rid of your chronic pains and illnesses.

My education for body signs and enzymes came from the Loomis Institute in Madison, Wisconsin and the Certified Natural Health Professionals (about 100 hours) as well as the many hours for energetic interpretation and massage.  You will be cared for with a well rounded holistic approach to regaining your health that is unprecedented in the Rochester area.

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