Class Descriptions

“Your class provided an unconditionally accepting atmosphere, and you were always the role model.”   AB

“Your analogies and expert guidance had distinct positive affects for me.” KP

Getting Perspective on Holistic Health Care

If you are saying any of the following about complimentary health care…

  • “It’s just a bunch of voodoo.”
  • “They’d laugh me out of the state if I did that.”
  • “If it works then why isn’t it recommended by my doctor?”
  • “I know people who say it works, but it won’t work for me.”
  • “It’s beyond me.”

…then this class is for you!

It’s designed for people who want to know more about energy work, holistic health care and why it works. And, it’s for people who don’t yet accept the concepts behind it. The intent is simply to pass on information that is not readily available in the mainstream of knowledge. It is not a sales pitch.

The class will cover:

  • Why don’t we know more about holistic health care?
  • The history that influenced how we think today.
  • The history of energy work and the proven science behind it.
  • What are today’s holistic care practices?
  • Is it for you, and what should you look for?

I usually do this class only for my expenses. It can be done in its entirety in one 3 hour session, or it can be broken down into three 1 hour sessions. There is also a shortened version for just one hour that covers the general ideas.

Download flyer:  Getting Perspective on Holistic Health Care

Why and When Should You Use Acupressure

Acupressure is a wonderful means of balancing energy which in turn balances health.

The first part of the class covers:

  • the basics about Acupressure
  • explains how to watch for imbalance warning signs
  • how to work points
  • how to listen to your body

The second part of the class is real case examples with willing class participants.

This Acupressure class is a four hour class that will teach you how to follow my instructions to apply acupressure to yourself. In this way we can work together for your benefit while keeping your costs at a minimum. Applying pressure to the points is not that difficult, so that can be taught in a short time. Knowing what points to work is the hard part and this class will NOT teach you that.

I can hold this class at your home. All you need is a minimum of 5 willing students plus yourself.

This class is lots of fun and you will be amazed at the changes you can affect.

Download Flyer: Why and When Should You Use Acupressure

Change Your Life Education Series

The “Change Your Life Education Series” is a workshop series that teaches how to integrate the knowledge of energy into your everyday activities so you can take control of your health and your life. It’s a series of 3 classes that I customised to meet the needs of the group. Examples of ways it can be customised are:

  • “Finding Your Joy”
  • “Get to Your Healthy Weight”
  • “Get Your Life Unstuck”

The 3 classes cover the following:

  • 1st Class – Energy 101. What is it, why is it important
  • 2nd Class – What you think matters! What does that mean and how do you use it?
  • 3rd Class – Manifesting. Make it happen or let it happen?…exercises to find your balance.

I can hold this class at your home. All you need is a minimum of 5 willing students plus yourself. It can also be arranged to be taught all in one 8 hour day.

Download flyer: Change Your Life Education Series

Science Meets God

“Science Meets God” is a one hour talk about where science is today as it relates to spirituality. Some amazing discoveries have been made in the past ten years that didn’t make it into the press, and these new discoveries are turning the old belief patturns of our medical system on its ear. We do indeed live in exciting times. In this talk you will hear a short, concise and easy to understand summary of what’s happening.

Download flyer: Science Meets God

Health Education Series

A series of four 2 hour clasess over 4 weeks, or a 2 day workshop. Also, each class can be held as a stand-alone.

  • Week 1 – Energy 101 – What is it, How to find your balance, help your thinking and help your health
  • Week 2 – Essential Oils – Nature’s medicine. How can they help your health
  • Week 3 – Nutrition & Digestion- What is your body telling you.
  • Week 4 – Acupressure – What every household needs to know for wellness and prevention

The purpose of these classes is to empower you and give you a strong understanding of what it’s all about. You will be given loads of information that will assist you and your family (including the pets!) to stay healthy. You won’t want to miss any of them

Download flyer: Health Education Series

Book Discussion Education Classes

These “classes” are based on the information in my book “Getting There – Navigating Holistic Care”.  Invite your friends to your home for a party where they will experience a fun night of learning, and you will earn credit towards an Session or class.  And, it’s FREE for the Rochester NY area. Why would I give away my hard work? Because what I do is personal, and it can be hard to go to someone you don’t know for personal things. Home Parties are a great way for people to get to know me and, at the same time, I get to “give-back” by doing something I love. Check out the flyer for more details.

Download flyer: Home Party Education Classes  (to be updated soon)

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