CBD oil fits right in with Essential Oils and the work I do in helping those with chronic issues.  I use it occasionally in client sessions, but only if I have your permission.

I have been following the CBD news and research as well as looked into various companies and how they end up with the products they have.  I’ve found the right company for me to work with that can provide you with a consistent and pure product, CBD BioCare.

Find out more from the experts in this video link.  Start with the fist three on top.  Those in the lower portion are good history information sources that would be beneficial to watch if your belief systems are stuck in the old teachings of marijuana being illegal.  www.cbdbiocare.com/cbd-videos/

You can purchase them directly through www.cbdbiocare.com/jeanb/ , or I usually have some in the office for purchase.  Use the code “jeanb” in the discount button during checkout to get a 5% discount.

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