“Getting There” is Published!

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Hello, I’d like to introduce you to the only book of it’s kind….a “how to” book for navigating through holistic health care.  If you have a chronic illness, sustained pain, or want more “happy” in your life, I wrote this book for you.

Here is a glimpse of the first couple of pages of  “Getting There“:

Getting There   (Navigating Holistic Care)


I was a successful business executive in the corporate world.  It was great fun whisking around the globe, having the CEOs’ secretaries say, “I have a limo waiting to take you to the airport, Ms. Bennett”.  The money was good, I was learning tons about many different companies, their management styles, what worked and what didn’t.  I even ended up owning my own company in the software arena of that world.  Life was grand and I was living the ultimate dream.

I hated it.  I couldn’t breathe.  It was killing me.  I wasn’t ready to die yet.

I was fortunate to be able to sell the company and get out of the situation I was sure was going to cause my death within a fleeting time.  I wanted to meet my grandkids, so I got busy to get me healthy again.

However, in the world I knew (and much to my surprise) there was no help.  The stomach pains were only indigestion, so “Deal with it and take Tums”.  The bloating and cramps were only because I ate the wrong things, so “Stop eating them”.  The heart palpations, arrhythmia, and chest pains had no known cause, so “Wait and if it gets worse we can do something then”.  Not being able to breathe was all in my head, so “Take anti-anxiety pills”.  The chronic fatigue was because I was getting older, so “Get more sleep.”

“Really!  I can’t function and this is all you have to offer!?”   It was obvious by then that our medical system knew nothing about stress related illnesses.

A few years before this time my sister and I went to a psychic fair for an afternoon of fun and finding out what all “those weird people” were about.   I ended up volunteering for a reiki demonstration and when the woman’s hand floated over my chest area her expression went into…alarm face.  She was polite and said only, “There’s a little something going on here,” but I saw her face and took note that maybe there was something to this.

In my frustration with our medical system, this memory came flooding back.  I rushed to my desk, hoping I still had her card as I rifled through the drawers.  Yes!  I still had it.

My first appointment was eye-opening and life changing.  I saw colors behind my eyelids that I had never seen before, and it felt like I had three glasses of wine.  It opened up a whole new world to me that I hadn’t known existed.  None of my issues were gone in this first session (as I had secretly hoped) but it showed me that there really was something to this and I had to know more.  My journey to the answers I needed had begun.

My travels took me through the history of our medical system and our extraordinarily ancient world.  It took me to the old ways of healing and to new ways of applying them.  To the inner being and to cosmic comprehension of time and space and other realities and dimensions.  To the workings of cells, quantum physics, and to the interdependency of all being one.  But, most of all, it helped me become the “new me”.  With my shiny new tool box, I was able to recognize and deal with my long-held deep core issues that were holding me back.     “Getting there” for me took a couple of years, but inch by inch, I got my health back.  The journey has not stopped, but instead, has become a continuous procession of learning, loving, and living within the awesomeness of the physical and emotional world we call Earth.

This brings me to why I wrote this book.  Our medical system is in transition from a basis in Newtonian physics to a basis in quantum physics.  These two systems are complete opposites.  Newtonian belief is “anything energetic is manifested from the physical”, and quantum belief is “anything physical is manifested from the energetic”.  Energy medicine has been practiced in eastern countries for over 5000 years and it was proven through our scientific methods by Einstein in the early 1900’s and has since been labeled “quantum belief”—I guess it takes us a while to catch up.

This is turning everything about our medical system on its head.  There are those stuck in the old ways and those pushing hard for the new.  There are antiquated systems and procedures, and there are totally uncharted territories for regulations and licensing.  There are individuals in both camps screaming the illegitimacy of the other.  Our accepted educational institutions are still teaching the old material while new classes are springing up everywhere to teach the new.  In other words, IT’S CHAOS OUT THERE!

Don’t get frustrated.  Just understand that change brings chaos and differences of opinion.  Your job is to make conscious choices about how to weed your way through it.  And THAT is what this book is about—helping you sort through the chaos while our world is making it’s transition to a fabulous new holistic care system that brings the skills of the western physical ways together with the skills of the eastern energetic ways.  This transition is affecting the entire world—our health care, our economic systems, our governments, and our core beliefs and way of living.  We all need to pitch in and help in this process by fixing our issues and staying healthy and happy.  Helping you get to healthy and happy, from where-ever you are starting from, is what this book is about.

I’m Writing a Book!

Yes!  It’s true.  I’m writing a book!

Many people find it difficult and confusing to go the route of holistic care.

A book is needed, but there isn’t one!

It’s what I do everyday, so why not me?

The idea was born and I was off and running–a book to help those in pain or illness to stay the course until they are better.   I am very grateful to Jesse for her permission to use her story of how she got rid of fibromyalgia pain.

My goal is to publish by the end of the year.  I don’t have the details of that worked out yet, but I’m almost half done with the initial writing.  There is a long way to go, but I’m very excited about it.  Stay tuned for more details about how it’s going…I’ll be letting you know.

Also, drop me an email if you are interested, because there will be a launch special if you are on the list.

Love, Light, and Laughter  / Jean