Reiki Tummo III Class

I completed the Reiki Tummo III Class in April.   It’s a heart oriented energy that works with love frequencies.  For me it feels softer and at the same time more powerful than the standard reiki energy.  I’ve been using it a lot and love it.  It even helped the rabbit my cat caught this morning.

Trip to Ecuador

Just got back from a great trip to Ecuador for training on Essential Oils and our health. Received much information on hormone imbalances, sympathetic/parasympathetic responses, cortisol levels, depression, different ways of using the oils for optimum results, and lots more. Keep watching here for more posts as I make my notes understandable to others (:-). See the Classes category for my notes on hormones and their affect on fatigue, weight gain and depression.

As Always,

Love, Light, and Laughter


Acupressure Certification

I am proud to announce my certification as an Equine/Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner from the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, Larkspur, CO in July 2007. You can view the press release by clicking on the following image (will open PDF in new browser window):

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