Advanced Digestive Class

In April, 2015 I completed another advanced class for digestive enzymes from Loomis Institute.  It was held at a great place in Branson Mo, the College at the Ozarks.  It was an adventure getting there because all flights were canceled due to a line of thunderstorms, so a colleague and I opted to drive so we could still attend.   Quite an experience driving through those storms!   It was well worth it and I’m even more committed to enzyme therapy because of the amazing job they have of running our bodies.

Natural Walking Class

Did you ever think that the way you walk can affect your mood, your spinal alignment, your digestion?  To name a few.  This week I took a great class on how to walk properly and change your structure.  I learned my right hip is weaker and I compensate by moving my hips too far to the right when I walk.  Who knew?!   This is one more tool I can add to my toolbox to help you stay healthy.

Digestion Specialist Certification

It’s official!  I’m a Certified Digestive Enzyme Specialist!  What does this mean for you?  Pain or illness is always from some stress on the body that fits into one of three categories:  mechanical, energetic, or nutritional.  All three can now be addressed at Health Reins Energy Therapy and the team at Physical Edge.  “Like” my facebook page for ongoing digestion information–Tidbits to Use About the Tidbits You Eat.  Finally, a way to get rid of your chronic pains and illnesses.

My education for body signs and enzymes came from the Loomis Institute in Madison, Wisconsin and the Certified Natural Health Professionals (about 100 hours) as well as the many hours for energetic interpretation and massage.  You will be cared for with a well rounded holistic approach to regaining your health that is unprecedented in the Rochester area.

Crystals Class

Class on Crystals

What a great class I attended with Caroline Boddie, an internationally renowned expert in quartz crystals.  Another great tool I can add to my arsenal of healing techniques to help balance your energy.

Back to Class

It was back to class this summer for me to learn all about ENZYMES!   I have to admit I thought it would be necessary, but boring.  I was happily wrong!  I loved it and I have so much information to pass along to you.  For example, did you know that a lack of enzymes can trigger auto-immune diseases?  This new knowledge is just one more piece of the puzzle I can use to help you get and stay healthy.

Hitting the road running

I took the NYS boards in late August, and received my LMT status just before heading to California to greet my new grandson into the world. So when I got home I hit the ground running (November 1st) in launching the new slant on my business…Energy Therapy, Specializing in Depression and Chronic Issues. I’m taking clients at Empire Therapeutic Massage and volunteering for hospice. while I’m looking for the right team of collegues to help people with long term issues. Depression is growing way too rapidly and I have all the tools now to help

Massage Therapy School

I’m done!  Yippee!  Just completed the 1000 hours of therapeutic massage school.  What a ride doing it in six months–anatomy, myology, physiology, pathology, swedish, treatments, shiatsu, sports, and business.  The brain cells were able to turn on full time and get me through it with a 95 average to boot.  (However, it took a village–thanks to all who helped).   And, yes, this does represent a shift to work more with people and less with animals.  However, whole family health is always the goal including the pets and even the house!

I’ve joinged the team at Empire Therapeutic Massage Center under Barbara Boehly, LMT (with a provisional license). 

Got pain?

Got depression?

Got digestion issues?

Got a chronic disease?

Feel stuck?

Need a break?


Then get a therapeutic massage and find out what energy work, massage, and body management can do for you.


“Try it, you’ll like it” mini sessions available for the month of July, 2010.    Call for details.


Looking forward to working with you.  As always, Love, Light, and Laughter to you and yours.   /jean


Ready for Hospice

I have now completed all the necessities to volunteer for Visiting Nurse Services, Hospice.  The animals have taught me it will be an honor to help people in their transition from form.  And I’m sure I will learn lots!

More Acupressure Education

Just got back from the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute in Colorado where I took some continuing education for acupressure.  Tui Na is a technique of working the acupressure points, trigger points, and meridians.  I expected it to be another small notch up in ability to balance and unblock, but it went way beyond that and proved to be a very powerful tool!   Want to see how it can help you and your pets health?  Give me a call.
I also took the Equine Pathology Class (also at Tallgrass) from a very knowledgeable vet that has married allopathic medicine with acupuncture and holistic methods.  He had great information in how to use them both together as well as additional information about equine diseases. 

Nutrition – Where it’s at!

In today’s world, we tend to forget the importance of nutrition.  Why is that, anyway?  Without it we die — usually slowly over time with degenerative diseases.   That’s why I took the CNHP nutrition class  with Elaine Newkirk last weekend…to get the facts straight so I could better help my clients.   It was fabulous!  There is so much we can learn about what we need just by paying attention to the messages of the body.   Did you know that pain on the top of your shoulder or dyslexia may indicate a B12 vitamin deficiency?  Or roving pain may idicate a calcium defidiency?  Or that cold feet may mean you’re not absorbing protein?  I’ve developed a brand new chart that will help in determining which foods are best for you.  Check out Nutrition Basics, on the Education Blog.     Make nutrition and digestion a priority…give me a call for a nutrition assessment.