About “Getting There”

Getting There was created to help you navigate the holistic care arena, which is often difficult without the wisdom of an experienced guide.  This book serves as an immediate problem solver, a reference guide, and a workbook for personal use for many years to come.  Over the past 17 years, Jean Bennett has mastered the information found in Getting There and knows through experience with her clients that it can be used, not only for getting well but for becoming as great as you want to be.  Do you have a physical or emotional issue that just won’t go away?  This is your path to a solution. (Ordering information)

What others are saying:

“I know the methods Jean speaks of work, because they worked for me when the doctors could find nothing to help. Relief at last!”  P.P. (North Carolina).

“This is the book I’ve been waiting for — it’s given me so much hope!”  D.R. (Rochester, NY)

“For years I held gut wrenching pain and sadness that I had extensively worked on, but it still lingered.  With Jean’s combinations of methods in Getting There, I was able to feel, for the first time, complete resolution.  The pain is gone and in its place, peace.”  J.R. (Buffalo, NY)

“I was very pleased to read Getting There, because as individuals we are often separated and discussions about improving our health are rare.  This book reconnects us and starts the discussions toward our wellbeing.”  L.B. (Montreal, Canada)

“Getting There is great on all levels — content, style, easy to read, and loads of information.”   B.M. (Rochester, NY)”

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