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Getting There – Navigating Holistic Care, published January 2017.   Read about Jesse’s story and discover how to put holistic modalities together to solve your chronic problems, both physical and emotional.   PLUS, learn how to change your thoughts, your beliefs, and your life so you can become the best that you can be at a pace that fits you.

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Print a PDF file of the “Challenges” in Getting There  (Free).

As talked about in Getting There, your body babbles on about what’s going on inside all the time.  Get your “Body Hints Summary” so you can find out what your body is telling you and track your progress over time ($8.00 fee).

Tobias Learns About Brains.   This is a kids’ story (PDF format) that teaches them a way to better handle their emotions.  It is free for you to download for the cost of giving me some feedback.



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