Body Signs Check

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Our bodies are always “talking” to us to let us know what needs to change in order for us to be happy and healthy.  Most of us, however, do not know how to listen to it — we know more about the maintenance and fueling of our cars than we do our bodies.  It’s my mission to help you learn about how your body talks to you and how to interpret its messages.  I use these body signs to help assess what’s going on inside, physically, emotionally, and nutritionally.

How does this work?  Energy imbalances cause pain or ticklishness in certain areas that tell me which signs are “off”.    Digestion or nutritional problems cause tender areas in the muscles that share the same nerves. When the body is balanced and digestion problems healed, the pain, ticklishness, or tender areas are gone.  Tracking all of this lets you know you’re on the right path towards your radiant health —  or not, then you know to change course.

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a health care system containing many elements, some of which I use some to assess where the energy imbalances are in your body.  This tells me a lot about what’s going on inside the package we call skin.  Also, I use the Loomis Institute’s method of assessing muscle reactions that indicate nutritional deficiencies.  As well, the massage licensing requires extensive knowledge in the muscle and bone structure of the body which gives clues to our inner workings.   I use all three of these systems to assess what your body is telling you.


Benefits of fully functional digestive system:

Problems with digestion can take a long time to become “visible” and when they do, they have usually manifested into something we don’t want and it’s hard to get rid of:  chronic illness, unexplained pain, cancer, arthritis, diabetes II…the list goes on and on.

Any pain, illness, discomfort, or emotional issue may have its root cause in insufficient nutrients to the cells which prohibits them from functioning properly.  As much as we would like to ignore the physical requirements of our bodies and eat and do anything we want, we all know it won’t last as long if we do.  I.E. we die early.  Our cells need fuel!  

The process of food intake, breaking it down, absorbing it, distributing and eliminating it, is called digestion and it’s what delivers the nutrients to the cells so they can function and thrive, creating a vibrant you.

The system can break down at any one of these five levels.   It’s my job to help you determine what is not getting the right nutrients to thrive, which process is failing and why, and put together a plan for correcting it.

The main benefit is obvious:  a digestive system checkup gives you the information you need to help your body function as it was meant to, so it can heal itself to the best of its ability.

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