Concepts That Every Veteran, and People Suffering from Trauma Should Know

 Our subconscious is what runs our lives and it does so with learned behavior.  The conscious mind can think, reason, and make decisions, but it runs a very tiny portion of our everyday life.

Our world, our perceptions, our lives are created based on the energy frequencies our subconscious minds are continuously emitting and reacting to, even in sleep state.

The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is in charge of our “flight or fight” responses and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) is in charge of our “rest and relax” responses.  These two systems balance back and forth keeping us in equilibrium.  When SNS is sustained for long periods (sustained stress) we become very sensitive to the stimulus that invokes it, sometimes to the point of “any little thing” will trigger an SNS response.  And it’s not just being in a war that can create this.  It can be a stressful job, a stressful relationship, or simply a belief system that tells your body it is not safe.  Eventually your body will say, “I can’t sustain this anymore!”, and PSNS will take over creating extreme R&R which our society defines as depression.

The knowledge of these concepts is the basis for how to change your life and change it faster than you may think possible.  Is it instant?  Sometimes, but usually not.  It’s usually a journey that will be educational, joyful at times and hard at times, but it will be filled with hope and it will give you back control over your life and how you create it.

What does it take?  A willingness to change, and a willingness to do the work to make it happen.   These are the five categories that I help clients with that explains it a bit further:

RETHINKING:  Sometimes it’s a simple belief system adjustment such as, “It’s hard to find a job”, to “It’s easy to find a job”.

RETRAINING:  Sometimes it’s a retraining of the subconscious from “I react this way to said stimulus”, to “Now I react this other way”.

RELEASING:  Sometimes it’s uncovering the subtle emotion that’s hidden from acknowledgement, so it can resolve and leave the body cells to function more normally.

BALANCING:  And, sometimes it’s telling your body “It’s safe, so relax”, by stimulating the PSNS through energy work while you’re thinking of a situation that normally invokes an SNS reaction (“not safe–RUN”).

UNBLOCKING:  Sometimes it’s unblocking stagnant energy so it can properly nourish the body system in charge of the reaction.

….and sometimes it’s all of these.

If you are ready for your journey to change your life, or simply make it better, call me and I’ll help you through it.

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