Ways to Ease Stomach Problems

Indigestion,  Gerd,  Acid Reflux, and Heart Burn:

These are all problems of the stomach component of digestion.  There are several causes and they might be easily fixed.  Keep reading to find out if yours is one of them.  Also, read the next Article – The Stomach’s Job.

A common cause is chest breathing.  Stress causes us to breathe using our chest muscles (rib cage) instead of our diaphragm.  This pulls the stomach energy up that should be going down.  This eventually can pull the stomach up through the diaphragm causing a hiatal hernia, but before that happens most people experience chronic indigestion.  The fix is to re-learn how to breathe with the belly (in with the out breath and out with the in breath) instead of the ribs, saving the ribs for your “turbo charge” of oxygen.  If a hiatal hernia has already developed, give me a call for a massage technique that can speed up its correction to below the diaphragm.

Another cause could be emotions.  Generally, the stomach is where worry and trust are stored.  Trust, being a high frequency enhances its function, while worry is a lower frequency and hinders the stomach’s functions.  I have seen sudden corrections of stomach dysfunction when the root emotional cause is recognized, so explore your “worry behaviors”!  Here are a few questions to help get you started:  who or what am I having trouble digesting (accepting);  what is coming at me that is too much all at once;  what was happening in my life when the problem started that “didn’t go down well”;  what big pill am I being asked to swallow;  is any part of my reality in conflict with my needs;  what am I protecting like a guard dog;  or what am I feeling helpless about.  I offer an emotional balancing technique that helps you get to the root causal emotion with relative ease and speed.  (For more information, read the Educational Article titled, “Energy, Emotions and DNA”)

Another issue could be prolonged stress, because it can cause a lack of enzyme production and an acidic body condition.  Plus, stress emotions automatically slow the digestion process so more energy can be used for the sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight responses).  We are built to handle stress situations, but not the prolonged stress that most life styles promote.  I work with a line of enzymes that assist the body to overcome and heal this type of digestion problem.

Medications for stomach digestion issues are great for short term use, but they may cause problems with long term use, because they inhibit the digestion of proteins.  Over long periods of time this causes a weakened body because all cells are built from proteins, as well, the body runs on hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, and receptors, all of which depend on proteins.  Some resulting problems can be diarrhea, water retention, high blood pressure, hair loss, cold hands and feet, muscle cramps, bleeding gums, weight issues, depression, weak immune system, respiratory issues, or lack of collagen.  If you have been on meds for indigestion or the like, and are experiencing any of these symptoms, please consider a more holistic approach. (See the Educational Article titled “The Stomach’s Job”

Our bodies tell us what’s going on inside by tender spots that can be palpated.  Give me a call for a Body Signs Check, if you have digestion issues.  Together we can figure out the problem and plan a solution.


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