Energy, Emotions, and DNA

The following information is a list of proven facts that need to be understood in order to comprehend how emotions affect our body cells, our health, and our lives:

Everything is energy—there is nothing in the universe that is not energetically constructed, from the chair in your room, to your body, to the stars, to space itself.  The vibration “symphony” of everything determines what it is.  Everything is made up of the same energy, but the frequencies it contains (orchestra and it’s instruments) and the arrangement they are in (symphony) determines what it is.  For example, a table is made up of a denser set of frequencies that makes it a hard table, while our physical bodies are less dense and therefore vibrating at higher frequencies.  To go further, a liver has it’s particular symphony of vibrations that continuously keep creating it as a liver, while a brain has a different “song”.

Thoughts and emotions are energy—negative thoughts consist of lower frequencies, positive thoughts consist of higher frequencies.  Also, our belief systems are very influential frequencies because they are the tapes in our heads that are constantly running and emitting their frequencies whether we’re aware of them or not.

Energy affects energy—even across space and time.  The more intense the energy, the more affect on others it can have.  For example, there are many studies that prove prayer works.  Have you ever noticed you may be in a great mood, end up standing in line with a bunch of grumpy people and your mood is no longer great?  Or, you think about calling someone, the phone rings, and it’s them?

Emotions are stored in our DNA—and they are handed down from generation to generation.  Because each part of the body has a different function, they each have a different symphony that defines it.  This in turn attracts a different emotion that is stored there.  For example, worry is stored in the stomach, anger in the liver, and fear in the kidneys.  So if you are having kidney trouble, look at what your fears are, and vice-versa, if you are going through a time of fear, be extra nourishing to your kidneys to prevent problems.

Our thoughts and beliefs are the blue print for our DNA.  The structure of the DNA is fixed at birth, but what is “turned on” and “turned off” within that structure depends on the energy in and around it.  This means we can change the creation of new cells to be different by changing our thoughts, for the better (high frequencies) or for the worse (low frequencies).  Want to heal your liver?  The obvious is to look at the environmental toxins such as alcohol, drugs, or artificial sugar, but you should also look at releasing your anger and replacing it with compassion, even if they are quiet thoughts you hardly notice are there.

Low frequencies inhibit cell function, andhigh frequencies enhance their function.  The lowest emotional frequency is fear and the highest is unconditional love.  Anger, hate, jealousy, judgment are all low, while gratitude, compassion, joy, and trust are high.  This means moving our lower frequencies to higher frequencies is crucial to our health.  Also, environmental contaminants and poisons have low frequency energies that affect our cells as well as their physical harms.

–Likes attract in the energy world (which is our world).  The energy we emit through our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and subconscious tapes (those subtle voices in our heads), attract either “like” energies if they are high frequencies, or “balancing” energies if they are low.  This is because the world and everything in it is constantly moving towards homeostasis…that balance between yin and yang.  So if bad things are happening to us, it is our sign that something is amiss and we need to change course.  We need to dig in and find the root attraction within our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.  If good things are happening, it is our sign that we are sending out high frequency energy streamers and we are on the right track.

 I’ll be glad to help if you have a chronic issue that won’t go away.  Together we can discover the emotional pattern causing its persistence…and it is easier than you may think.

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