Dark vs Light – Lessons from Cats

There are two ways to handle differences—the ways of the warrior and the ways of love.  Which way is best is the subject of debate the world around from small differences, like which child will get the bigger toy, to large differences, like who should live in Gaza.  There are no right or wrong answers to this question, but what I’ve discovered in the past three and a half years has answered it for me.   

I developed a much deeper understanding of what it means to be holographic, meaning our cells contain the information of the entire universe within them.  We are everything and everything is us.   With this better understanding, the teaching of “we are all one” made much more sense.  However, the phrase, “it is all love” still eluded me, and along with that, how to think of and deal with the low frequencies of the world (the dark energies).  Warrior or Love?  That was the question.  So how can death, destruction and cruelty be love?  This question drove me to go deeper into the concepts:

“We are all one—we are not separate”,

“The law of attraction”,

“We create our reality with our beliefs”, and

“We all have free will”.  


I’ll take the last one first.  We have free will to create what we wish to experience and I believe we are in this physical world to experience all the various frequencies, from fear to love.  We cannot really know love until we can experience it.  And we can’t really experience it until we know it’s opposite—fear.  So we have chosen this lifetime, and others, to experience at least one particular frequency, and since likes attract, we have attracted to us those that want to experience whatever it is that will help us with this purpose. 

To illustrate it simply, there’s a group in the next dimension deciding how and when to reincarnate to physical form.  One says, “I’d like a deeper understanding of forgiveness”.  Another pipes up, “I could use a dose of being forgiven, so I’ll help”.  They reincarnate, lowering both of their frequencies to the density of the physical world, for the time being, forgetting the next dimension.  The second rapes the first.  We in the physical world tune into the cruelty, while those in the next dimension, see the love that it was based in.   So, for me, the morale of the story is…we take life way too seriously!  We all need to lighten up and know that there is a purpose for all of it…the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. 

We’ve attracted and created the dark stuff ourselves and even death is not that serious.  Go ahead, feel the lower frequency emotions.  Know them.  Let them sink in.  But do not label them as bad.  Do not say, “I am not supposed to feel this way”.   When it comes, rejoice the feeling of sadness, for it is there for a reason that is based in love.  This allows the emotion to move through you and not get stuck in our cells to manifest later as illness.  And don’t forget, the word illness and illusion are similar for a reason.

 Sometimes things need to get bad enough before we stop the denials and see it.  This is true collectively as well as for the individual.   Those that are residing in the very low frequencies of hate and revenge have gotten caught up in the play-acting, and have lost the recollection of love, creating a world that fits their beliefs.  Really?   You sure?   Maybe, those low-lifes, as we’ve termed them, are here to wake us up, to point out to us where we are headed and why we’ve come—they too are holistic and contain the universe within.   

I believe these experiences drive us to a much higher level of “knowing” that is actually the “feeling”.   We can know something intellectually, but when it is deeply felt, our soul then knows it too.   


We are all made up of one energy that vacillates from one frequency to another as it winds its way through the universe.  And, since it’s all holographic, all information is contained in all things.  So the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful are all there, all the time, everywhere.  Which one manifests is the one we believe in and focus on.  And because of the law of attraction, what we believe in will be shown to us over and over again.  

I understood this and “got it” on an intellectual bases, but I didn’t have it deep in my soul until my fur kids died.  I am forever grateful for what they showed me.

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