Depression, Fatigue, Weight & Hormones

What’s going on in the body?

We have two nervous system controls that keep our body in balance—the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). SNS is in control when your adrenaline is pumping. This is called Sympathetic Override (SO), which means your nervous system is revved up for fight or flight (sympathetic mode). The opposite of SO is Parasympathetic Override (PO) which is the body slowing down for rest. Normally the two systems ebb and flow keeping each other in check while allowing the body to handle stress conditions and rest conditions easily.

As great as our bodies are designed to handle different conditions thrown at us, we’re not designed to handle continuous stress without rest and relaxation in between. What happens is the sustained SO convinces our body that it needs a hard hit of PO to balance it out. This makes the hormones that were running high take a dive, causing depression. This feels like STRESS STRESS STRESS, then “I give up…all I want to do is cry and lay on the couch”. This is the body attempting to protect itself and a very normal reaction. For example: your house burns down, you loose your job, and your dog dies—you are definitely in SO mode (and should be!). Then the crises part is over, you have a place to live, a new job prospect, and handled the grief, but you’re soooo tired you don’t want to do anything. You are now in PO mode (and should be!). This is your body saying, you need the rest and recovery time, so it’s forcing you to take it. Again, this is all very normal and we’re designed to handle it.

Where the problem comes in is when we don’t take the time outs for the rest and force ourselves to keep going (what I call “sustained sympathetic override mode”). We can’t keep this up forever so eventually we’re going to crash. Here’s what happens:

Sustained SO creates excess acid and high cortisol levels. The adrenals, thyroid, and hypothalamus are working over time. Inflammation and pain are likely. Anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, worry, self doubt and insecurities are all heightened. This causes the hypothalamus to deregulate which causes the immune system to shut down. The result is the thyroid, ovaries, testies, adrenals, etc. stop functioning so your hormone levels dive (T1, T3 &T4 (thyroid), FSH & LH (adrenals)). More saratonin is produced, of which 70% goes to the liver causing IGF1’s (conversion factor of hormones) to be sent to the pancreas, causing glucose to climb (I need that sugar fix…now!), and the pituitary starts shutting down and doesn’t release the human growth hormone (HGH) which causes weight gain.

And on top of all that, when IGF1’s in the liver are interfered with, Lipase is not produced so the acid gases (as well as the chemicals and hormone contaminants) contained in the consumed protein go directly to fat cells and are stored there forever. The new gas acids in the blood stream make their way back to the hypothalamus and suppress it (yet again!). Sugar, coffee, and diet sodas also deregulate the hypothalamus. In other words ALL hormones become compromised throwing the body into PO mode, which is depression. You are now very emotional, cry easily, extremely fatigued, unmotivated, have no sexual urges, and get sick easily…you just can’t seem to crawl out of the hole. This is because your endocrine system is so depleted it can’t produce the hormones you need to get yourself out. This is the hormonal cycle that leads to suicide.

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