Death (make that Graduation). Lessons from Feline Friends

BG was a little stray cat that decided to live with me.  She was pregnant and turned out to be a mighty teacher in a small package.  She had 3 kittens, 2 of which stayed with us, Mea and Jupiter.  Their lives and their deaths, so close together and so young, had many lessons hidden within…the following being one of them.  It shows the human condition of struggle turning into enlightenment.   This was written right after their deaths while the experience was still very fresh.  Please enjoy this very personal piece of me.   /jean

The Graduation of Mea and Jupiter


I was at peace with BG’s death. 

But this was devastating. 

Mea, my princess, was hit by a car. 

It seemed so senseless, so preventable. 

What could I have done? 

What didn’t I do? 

In retrospect, I saw the signs but did nothing. 

Nine days later, my little mountain lion, Jupiter was gone too. 

This is too much. 

Why wasn’t I more aware? 

Why didn’t I stop this madness?

I didn’t protect the precious beings in my care. 

I’m too engrossed in my own grief to connect with them. 

God, if I knew they were ok

…I would be too. 

If I knew they were at peace with all that happened…

…I would be too. 


I went to sit by the edge of the pond.  

The pond I spent hours with, trying to see what lives there. 

I thought, “If I see the pond coming to life I will feel better”. 

Then the message from God came. 

A parade of animals coming to the only spot I could see beneath the water. 

A clear message, “You are not alone

  All is as it should be.” 


First the minnows

…hundreds of them in all sizes. 

Then two perch

…resting still so I could see them clearly. 

What’s that orange stripe?

…a turtle stayed with me for a moment. 

Then a fish I hadn’t stocked

…how did it get here? 

Then a baby orfe…and another!

…I watched them hunt. 

Wow, thank you all for such an undeniable gift. 

But, wait.  It’s not over. 

One bull frog sounded from over there

…another from over there…and another!

A five second chorus of bull frogs from the other shorelines. 

Then the minnows were gone 

…the pond edge was still once again. 

And my heart was lifted and I knew

…all is as it should be.


It was then I could sleep.

I knew Mea and Jupiter were better than ok. 

Their mission was accomplished.

They were ready to graduate to their next life. 

In the morning, I was able to connect with Jupiter

… and finally, also to Mea. 

They were together

… a split soul joined together again. 

They had come to practice this denser splitting of their soul

…to fulfill BG’s need for babies

            …so she could teach me the energy of birth

And to show me joy in living, and peace in death.  


Then a flash of a woman’s face. 

She held a guiding candle. 

She looked so sad. 

“Who are you?” I asked. 

“I am the dark energy you sensed. 

I am the guide who led the cars and cats to collide. 

I was needed to help them graduate. 

You see the symphony of life cannot be without the low tones. 

God worked through me the same as he worked through the animals in the pond. 

…The same as he works through you. 

We are all working together.”  

“But, your sadness”, I started to question.  

She answered before I finished, “This was my purpose. 

I am dense light here, but my higher soul is clear.

…It is only your perception that it is sad.

We are all both ends of duality. 

You see in me, you see in the event, what you choose to see.

I am lifted because I was able to help in their graduation.

…Our perception was joy.”


And my wisdom grew deeper.   Yes, everything is. 

…Everything is as it should be.



This was written after I emotionally recovered and could reflect on the emmense impact their graduation to another form had on me.  Again, enjoy.  /jean

Lessons from BG, Mea and Jupiter


What is dark energy, low frequency, darkness, the bad stuff, the devil?   It seems by the lessons the cats are telling me, it is simply the way we perceive energy.  Say what?   The world we live in is energy and energy is not separable.  As for frequency, there is unconditional love at one end and fear at the other…these too are not separable.  Hold onto this thought while I diverge.


We then, are also energy, but energy of many layers—we have the full spectrum within us from love to fear. 


We are in these bodies to experience the duality of physical life… to experience the good, the bad, the up, the down, the light, the dark, for to know love you must also know hate.  In order to turn light into matter it must become a lower frequency.  So our “light body” or spirit, had to make part of itself denser to become physical.  Through the ages this feeling of the “denser part” began to feel like separation, began to feel like a separate entity.  Many teachings tell us we are not separate from our spirit nor from each other…we are all one.  We are one holographic beam of light in the full spectrum of God.  We contain the knowledge of the whole because we are the whole, split into layers in order to experience the full spectrum from love to fear.


The darkness we see around us is the same energy as the love we see around us, we are just perceiving it at a different level.  For example, the energy that led the cats and the cars to collide was perceived by them as loving energy that helped them to their next destination.  I perceived it as intense sadness (dark) energy and interpreted it as “bad”.  The cats told me that is the human interpretation because we have forgotten that it really is all love (that we are not separate).  There is only love split up into its many different frequencies.  So look at it as the animals do…tune into energy from a place of love and what you will see and experience is love.  Know that ALL energy is ultimately love…like light split into its full spectrum of colors.  The dark that we see is just one frequency of the whole, go up the frequency line, see the whole spectrum and you will find the love behind all darkness.  


The way I “saw” this is the “dark entity” that led the cats and cars to collide had many layers.  The layer I first perceived was ugly, scary, and extremely sad…I’ll call this the “lower level”.  The layer of her just above that was light, and loving (the “upper level”).  The cats told me the lower level only existed because of my perception of their death, they were aware of it through me, but did not acknowledge it for themselves, therefore they did not experience it.  They only experienced the upper level.  Lesson being, when you come from a place of love and expect love, the entity or event you are interacting with presents its layer that is also from a place of love. 


The quantum physics side of me explains it as the lower level layers simply don’t exist in your reality.  This is how the world will change, the simple perceiving of the “upper layer” brings that level into reality.  As the cats demonstrated both realities can exist at the same time…which one do you want to live in?  It is clear now…it is such a simple choice. 


Life is fun.






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