About the Horse Logo

You may be wondering why I picked the logo that I did.  Here’s your answer:

I started my acupressure work in 2000 with animals and had many chances to work with horses, as well as dogs and cats.  I found the horses to be a wonderful start to energy work because they feel it so much better than most people and because their energy is so large, it was much easier for me to feel theirs as I was learning its nuances.   Also, animals do not hold back their responses to it like people do, so it was easier to learn when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em—the yawns, stomach girgles, belches, and farts all let loose as their body responded to the energy changes.  People tend not to do that.  What great practice in listening to the body!  So, when I officially switched to humans and launched my business in 2010, the horse energy was deeply ingrained in me.

The logo represents:
–Strong connection to the world and environment, like horses naturally have.
–Freedom of spirit and freedom from ego, like horses naturally have.
–The grounded horse and the sun, representing balance between earth and sky.
–The colors blue and yellow representing balance between yin and yang.
–The color green for the reins representing healing Mother Earth Energy.
–And, of course, the gentle taming of the horse without loosing their spirit represents regaining your health.

Is your health out of control?  I can help you get
from this:                                                      to this:









Then rein it it!

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