10% Off Upper Digestion Evaluation

I’m adding a new service:

An Upper Digestion Evaluation!

This service is for people experiencing chronic indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn or GERD.  It includes palpation of the body points that give the clues to what’s going on with your upper digestion, discussion of your chief complaints, preliminary discussion of possible emotional causes and ideas about what you can do to help yourself.

Cost is $150.  (Allow about 1.5 hours).  Get 10% off if you book your appointment by January 10th…The actual appointment can be anytime before February 28th, but it must be booked by end of day Jan.10th to get the discount.

Make an appointment here (see NOTE!)  or   call/text me at 585-230-6600

NOTE:  Please make the appointment for Energy Therapy / Body Signs Check, and add a note that it’s for UD Evail.  I’m available Tues/Thurs 11-9, Fri 10-4.   (Sorry that my I.T. can’t keep up with me LOL).

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2 Responses to 10% Off Upper Digestion Evaluation

  1. Holly Vollink-Lent says:

    Hi Jean!
    My husband, Drew, has been told by his dentist that he has “silent acid reflux” signaled by pocking marks on his teeth. He doesn’t have any of the regular symptoms of heartburn, etc. However, I do notice that while in resting position, he does breath rather loudly and he regularly has strange random “cough/sneeeze” episodes….I call it a “snough”! I believe these all may be related to to silent acid reflux. I might consider giving him a gift certificate to be evaluated by you. He has been putting off seeing his physician since we both know he will get prescribed antacids or something worse. Let me know if you think you can help. Thanks!

    • Jean says:

      Sorry your husband is experiencing teeth and “snoughing” issues! The evaluation I do will give him an indication of whether he does have acid reflux or not. However, acid reflux can be caused by a “lazy sphincter” (LES), which can only be truly “diagnosed” by scoping several times, and then it may be missed because the camera may have caught it when it was on the job. Most often, even in that case, solving the low acid problems solves the “lazy sphincter” problem. The “snoughing” may be caused by sinus drip which can also be indicated through the evaluation. So my job for the evaluation would be to look for the body signs that point to various possible causes within the 4 stressors: physical, nutritional, energetic, and emotional. Now, here comes the fun part! I will not be able to give you a firm “diagnoses”, but following the body signs will tell him what he needs to do to fix it. Even if we don’t know exactly what it is–the body is telling us what the root cause is. The body knows far more about what to do than we do, so holistic care is all about listening to what it is asking for and providing it, so it can do its job of healing itself. And…it works!

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