I am the author of “Getting There – Navigating Holistic Care“.  Do you have a pain, illness, or emotional issue for too long?  Do you feel stuck?  Would you like to improve your life?  If the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, then “Getting There” is for you.

Your body babbles on and on to you all the time.  Find out what your body is telling you with the Body Hints Summary (a questionnaire and summary about your particular “symptoms”).

I am a Young Living Distributor, so you may purchase essential oils and their other products through me, or sign up to order them yourselves directly on line at  You will need my Distributor No. 928067.    I chose Young Living as my source for essential oils because they do not dilute them in any way, they are the most pure, and they have the highest quality control.

To purchase my booklet, “Getting Perspective on Holistic Health Care” , simply call or text me at 585-230-6600.

I am a distributor for enzymes, from Loomis Institute, Enzyme Formulation.  You may buy them at the office or text/call me at 585-230-6600.  Anyone may purchase the milder off-the-shelf enzymes.  To purchase the stronger lines you need to be a client of mine or with another enzyme specialist.



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