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Acupressure Massage – 75 min– Combining the best of both for aches & pains.  If needed, hot stones, bamboo, and essential oils might be used during the session–they are included in the cost.  ($90)

Anti-Stress Massage – 60 min– relaxing (aaaahhhh) ($70).   45 minute ($55),  30 minute ($45)

Essential Oils –Rain Drop Treatment– Get rid of the bugs (viruses, bacteria, etc) ($100)

Essential Oils–Neuro-Auricular Treatment – Assist with processing the emotions ($100)

Digestion & Body Signs Checkup – a minimum of 3 sessions, $90 each, paid for at each session.  Or, purchase all 3 sessions at once and get $20 off by paying $250 at your first session.

Reiki Plus— 60 min– chakra balancing and raising your frequency ($70)

Remote Energy Session – Live far away? Not a problem. ($90)

Low Frequency Energy Clearing–get rid of that <I don’t want to be in this space> feeling.   (quoted)


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