I feel that all the medicine in the world could not have done what Jean’s energy work did.  I saw quick results in my mental and physical state, along with my spiritual state too  BB

Benefits of “True” Holistic Work:

The ability to see the overall picture of what is going on is essential for dealing with chronic issues and that is what I do best.  My education is very well rounded in physical, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual and most chronic issues are not resolved because no one is looking at all four of these aspects to your problem.

Our bodies are holistic (and holographic), so seeing it as all connected, knowing everything affects everything else, and having the skills to put the pieces of the puzzle together is your primary benefit of working with me for your chronic issues.

Our standard medical system works with your symptoms, usually controlling them with medication.  I work with the whole body to get to the root of the cause which gives you a much better chance of getting rid of the symptoms instead of covering them up.  Because of this difference, our medical system views many chronic issues as “incurable” because they don’t know how to fix it.  My belief is there is much we don’t know yet about the body and it knows how to fix itself much better than we do.  So my job is help you help your body fix itself by giving you the information it’s been telling you and the tools to help it get to homeostasis.     In reality, only you can “fix” the problem….all your practitioners can do is assist and educate.

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