Digestion & Body Signs Check

Our bodies are always “talking” to us to let us know what needs to change in order for us to be happy and healthy.  Most of us, however, do not know how to listen to it.  I use the body signs to help assess what’s going on inside, physically, emotionally, and nutritionally.

How does this work?  Energy imbalances cause pain or ticklishness in certain areas that tell me which ones are “off”.    Digestion or nutritional problems cause tender areas in the muscles that share the same nerves. When the body is balanced and digestion problems healed, the pain, ticklishness, or tender areas are gone.  Tracking all of this lets us know we’re on the right path towards your radiant health, or not, then we know to change course.

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a full health care system containing many elements.  I use some of the elements to assess where the energy imbalances are in your body.  This tells me a lot about what’s going on inside the package we call skin.  Also, I use the Loomis Institute’s method of assessing muscle reactions that indicate nutritional deficiencies.  As well, the massage licensing classes requires extensive knowledge in the muscle and bone structure of the body which give clues to our inner workings.   I use all three of these systems to assess what your body is telling you.

It is a three appointment service.  First, you fill out the Signs and Symptoms Form and complete a 5 day log of everything you eat or drink.  Your first appointment should be scheduled right after you complete the 5 days of logging your intake (within a couple of days).  At this appointment I’ll do a thorough physical assessment of your body’s indicators.  I will then have the information required to do my evaluation:  physical signs, Signs and Symptoms Form, and 5 day log.  NOTE:  Eat a full meal (which includes proteins, carbs, and fats) within an hour before your appointment.

The second appointment should be scheduled a week later–this is when I give you the results of the analysis and my recommendations, as well as do a second body indicator check.  NOTE:  Do not eat within 2 hours before your appointment.

About three weeks after the second appointment, the third, is when I recheck your body indicators and go over any changes you’re noticing.  This will confirm that you’re on the right track (or not).

When should you request this service?  Ideally, this should be done every year as part of your annual checkup.  Aside from that, this is a pre-requisite to working with complex issues of any kind.

Why would you want it?  When working with complex issues it is necessary to get a clearer and more complete picture of the subtleties your body is telling you.  An acupressure massage can help a great deal, but you may spend more money than you need to in return visits until the root cause is uncovered.  Doing this more thorough work first helps to speed up the process of zeroing in on what’s needed.


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