Benefits of Digestion

Any pain, illness, discomfort, or emotional issue may have its root cause in insufficient nutrients to the cells which prohibits them from functioning properly.  As much as we would like to ignore the physical requirements of our bodies and eat and do anything we want, we all know it won’t last as long if we do.  I.E. we die early.  Our cells need food!  

The process of food intake, breaking it down, absorbing it, and distributing it is called digestion and it’s what delivers the nutrients to the cells so they can function and thrive, creating a vibrant you.

The system can break down at any one of these four levels of process.  It’s my job to help you determine what is not getting the right nutrients to thrive, which process is failing and why, and put together a plan for correcting it.

The main benefit is obvious:  it helps your body function as it was meant to, so it can heal itself to the best of its ability.

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