Teaching at Webster Chamber

Friday, December 4th, 2015,  8-9:00 AM, Chamber Offices

 How to Help Employees Stay Healthy and Happy

 You can build your business to be strong and vibrant by helping your employees learn new healthy habits, and new ways to think about their jobs and their colleagues.  Healthy and happy employees make a happy and healthy business!

Presenters:   Jean Bennett, LMT, Energy Therapist, Health Reins Energy Therapy
Barbara Goshorn, RN, MSACN, “The Nurse Nutritionist”

RSVP to:   Barb Baldwin @ 585-265-3960    or email     bbaldwin@websterchamber.com

Coffee, tea & water provided.  Free to members, $5 for non-members

Advanced Digestive Class

In April, 2015 I completed another advanced class for digestive enzymes from Loomis Institute.  It was held at a great place in Branson Mo, the College at the Ozarks.  It was an adventure getting there because all flights were canceled due to a line of thunderstorms, so a colleague and I opted to drive so we could still attend.   Quite an experience driving through those storms!   It was well worth it and I’m even more committed to enzyme therapy because of the amazing job they have of running our bodies.

A Link About NSAIDS

NSAIDs: The Painful Truth Behind Painkillers Infographic

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs may offer temporary relief for chronic pain, but this comes with a list of side effects ranging from gastrointestinal problems to cardiovascular problems and premature death. Learn the painful truth about these painkillers by checking out this infographic on NSAIDs. Use the embed code to share it on your website or visit our infographic page for the high-res version.

<img src="http://media.mercola.com/assets/images/infographic/nsaids.jpg" alt="NSAIDS " border="0" style="max-width:100%; min-width:300px; margin: 0 auto 20px auto; display:block;"><p style="max-width:800px; min-width:300px; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;">Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or <a href="http://www.mercola.com/infographics/nsaids.htm">NSAIDs</a> may offer temporary relief for chronic pain, but this comes with a list of side effects ranging from gastrointestinal problems to cardiovascular problems and premature death. Learn the painful truth about these painkillers by checking out this infographic on NSAIDs. Visit our infographic page for the high-res version.</p>

Natural Walking Class

Did you ever think that the way you walk can affect your mood, your spinal alignment, your digestion?  To name a few.  This week I took a great class on how to walk properly and change your structure.  I learned my right hip is weaker and I compensate by moving my hips too far to the right when I walk.  Who knew?!   This is one more tool I can add to my toolbox to help you stay healthy.

Digestion Specialist Certification

It’s official!  I’m a Certified Digestive Enzyme Specialist!  What does this mean for you?  Pain or illness is always from some stress on the body that fits into one of three categories:  mechanical, energetic, or nutritional.  All three can now be addressed at Health Reins Energy Therapy and the team at Physical Edge.  “Like” my facebook page for ongoing digestion information–Tidbits to Use About the Tidbits You Eat.  Finally, a way to get rid of your chronic pains and illnesses.

My education for body signs and enzymes came from the Loomis Institute in Madison, Wisconsin and the Certified Natural Health Professionals (about 100 hours) as well as the many hours for energetic interpretation and massage.  You will be cared for with a well rounded holistic approach to regaining your health that is unprecedented in the Rochester area.

Business of the Month

Thank you to the Webster Chamber of Commerce for electing my business, Health Reins Energy Therapy as Business of the Month for April 2014!   Following is what they said at the last meeting:

Good Morning!

Health Reins Energy Therapy, owned by Jean Bennett, provides the community with holistic health care, specializing in alleviating chronic physical or emotional pain and providing preventative education.   Health Reins is located in the offices of Physical Edge Orthopedic Massage where they all specialize in helping people “rein in their pain” by utilizing a variety of therapies including orthopedic, Swedish and clinical massage, while Health Reins adds acupressure, nutritional assessment, essential oils, reiki, and low frequency energy clearing.  Health Reins is all about helping you and your family find the REINS to your health through energy treatment and education, so you may GUIDE it towards radiance and improve your life.

As part of this dedication, Jean uses her skills to help the community by providing acupressure for hospice patients to relieve pain, assist with sleep, and help with crossing over anxiety.  She offers pro-bono and pro-rated treatments for those that are experiencing financial challenges.  She also is launching a series of classes to expand education and treatment methods to assist veterans with acclamation and PTSD.    Since 2002 she has offered free classes to the public for varying aspects of holistic health care such as,  “Mind-Body-Spirit Connections”,  “The Power of Thought”,  “Science Meets God”, “Understanding What Your Body is Telling You”,  and  “What Every Household Needs to Know About Acupressure”.  She is an active chamber member since summer of 2012 and serves on the education committee, helping to resurrect education for and from our members.  She has provided financial support for the group Women For Women International,  helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives and works with other energy workers around the world to focus higher frequencies into troubled and disaster areas.

Please join me in recognizing Health Reins as April’s Business of the Month!   Webster Chamber of Commerce



Intro Class Series

A series of classes to give you a jump-start in reining in your health 

Given by:   Jean Bennett, Energy Therapist, LMT, AAp, RM, Rev. 

When:   Four 1-hour classes over the 4 Tuesdays in March 2014, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

 Where:   At PHYSICAL EDGE  (71 North Ave, Webster, NY)

 Cost:    $5 per class.  Veterans and current clients that bring a guest = free. 

You can’t beat the cost for a mountain of valuable information!

 Week 1, March 4th = What Everyone Needs to Know about Acupressure  

Week 2, March 11th = What Everyone Needs to Know about Energy

Week 3, March 18th = What Everyone Needs to Know about Essential Oils 

Week 4, March 25th = What Everyone Needs to Know about Nutrition  

 In each class you will get your questions answered:

What does it mean and how does it work?

How can it help my physical health, emotional health, or injuries?

What can I do myself and when do I call in the expert?

Plus, hear examples of how it has helped others.

 Advance registration is suggested.  Payment may be paid in advance or at the door.

Sign-up by calling (or texting) Jean at  585-230-6600

Although it’s recommended, you do not need to attend all classes–pick those that interest you.

Veterans Day Special

Attention Veterans!

 These specials are a thank you for your service.

Kim and Jean at Physical Edge are offering 20% off! during Veterans week (now through Friday, Nov 15th, 2013)

Massage helps your body deal with stress and promotes the feelings of balance and well-being, so if you’ve never tried it, now is your chance.

Schedule your appointment now by calling us or sign up on-line at www.pemassage.com  and leave the code Vet2013 in the notes space.

   Anti-Stress,  Deep Tissue  or Orthopedic Massage  by Kim Berson,  LMT  (call 585-872-7979):

Acupressure Massage  by Jean Bennett,  Energy Therapist, LMT  (call 585-230-6600)

For more information about what Jean’s session can do for you, check:

“What Every Veteran Should Know”  by clicking Here (Articles by Jean)

 For more information about Jean and Kim, check:

www.pemassage.com    then click About Us

 Gift Certificates for your favorite veteran are available!

 Note:  The appointment can be made for any time between now and year end, but it must be booked by Nov.15th..  If you cannot determine a date by Nov. 15th, you may purchase a gift certificate at the discounted rate usable for any date in the future.

 Health Reins Energy Therapy, 71 North Ave, Webster, NY

Physical Edge Orthopedic Massage, 71 North Ave, Webster, NY

Check out this Testimonial

I got this lovely letter from a client who came to me with long occurring and debilitating back and knee pain.  I would love to take full credit for her remarkable and swift mending, but the reality is, she had already done her “homework”, so by the time I met with her she was ready for the final “unblocking”, and that…

…. is when miracles happen….and why I love my job.

Love, Light and Laughter / jean

Dear Jean.  I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session.  Everything was perfect –actually more than perfect.  The work I watched you do was amazing –removing blocks from the body returning me to a state free from pain and weakness as well as improved energy.  Yikes…and right before my eyes in one session!

As for my emotions, let me tell you, for years and years I held gut wrenching pain and sadness.  I’ve worked on this for many years also, but it still lingered.  Whatever you did, all of a sudden, two days later, I completely understood.  I was able to look at it and feel, for the first time, complete resolution.  The pain in my heart is gone.  This gift is priceless.  I tried over and over with many techniques and practitioners only to carry the same deep sadness.  Now it’s gone, and in its place, peace.

With utmost gratitude, JR.

Crystals Class

Class on Crystals

What a great class I attended with Caroline Boddie, an internationally renowned expert in quartz crystals.  Another great tool I can add to my arsenal of healing techniques to help balance your energy.