Acupressure Massage (Tui Na)

What is Acupressure?  Acupressure is the same thing as Acupuncture, except it is non-invasive (no needles). It is an energy balancing technique that has been commonly used in eastern countries for over 5000 years.

Acupressure is applying different types of pressure on certain energy points to balance, unblock, and direct the energy force in the meridians. “Meridians” are the channels running through your body that carry the energy, much like veins and arteries carry blood.  When they become unbalanced (i.e. more in one than in another) illnesses, both physical and mental are more likely to happen.  Having a down day?  Balancing the meridians may help.  Have cancer?  Energizing the immune system, and redirecting energy can give your traditional sessions a real boost.

Massage moves energy, so various massage techniques are used to facilitate the acupressure.  As well manipulating the muscles helps keep the mechanical structure of your body even, balanced, and aligned for your optimum health.

Your session works best when we work together…it’s not something I’m going to “do” to you. You need to tell me what it is feeling like and when it feels like enough…this gives you the optimum benefit.


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